ESPNHS: Best blogs 7/20-21

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Greatest Player since MJ


By nbasapient
The greatest player since MJ simply has to be Tim Duncan. You Have to look at his whole body of work and theres lots more to come. Ever since 11/3/97 when he exploded for 19 points and 22 rebounds against the Bulls everyone knew he was going to be a superstar. After their first championship in the 98-99 season the spurs were building their future around the 7ft giant and his amazing talent. During the 01-02 season he really solidified himself as one of the best big man in NBA history putting on a show against the Mavericks on 12/26/01. Duncan put up a phenomenal 53 points and 11 rebounds including going 15 for 15 from the charity stripe. People have always been scrupulous when it comes to Duncans freethrow shooting but not that day everyone was in shock the way he performed. Who do you think is the best since MJ?

Shaq To The Kings Kingdom


By David_Lebron_5149
As a Cleveland fan I am so exited to see the big sidekick make his place in LeBrons Kingdom. I think that this will make a big diiference on how cleveland plays for the better. I also think this year is when LeBron finally gets his championship ring he oh so deserves. Well there is nothing to do exept wait and see.
Talk with David_Lebron_5149 about the Cavs.


Heartbroken Teams


By Dan4348
My next post for Heartbroken Teams is the Sacramento Kings(of losing). The Kings have the longest active drought in the NBA. They have even BEEN to the since 1951 when they were the Rochester Royals. They haven't WON a title since title since since 50'-51'. One of their deeper playoff runs in the postseason was in 01'-02' when they went a league best 61-21 right after they got Mike Bibby from the Raptors, and were beat in 7 by the Lakers. I know, the Kings were good, and no I'm not crazy, they were. Ever since 02'-03 the Kings have been, well, the Kings(of losing). Then, they traded a lot of players, and have NO chemistry between players and coaches. My next post on Heartbroken Teams will be the Chicago Blackhawks. What's your take on the Kings? Weigh in!

My take

Steroids vs. Gambling


By SlyCooperPTI
Alright I'm taking a little break from my Nfl Preview (it'll be back tomorrow) and I'm going to talk about baseball.My question is why isn't Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame?Is gambling really worse than using steroids?I don't thinks so,as far as I know that didn't really change his performance on the field.I don't know all the detail of his story but he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.Another question I have is why was Manny suspended 50 games for not technically using steroids or HGH?He hasn't had a positive test for steroids.I understand that what he took is for when you come of a steroid cycle but I'd like to believe what he said it was for. Read more ... and weigh in on Hall of Fame voting!


braves killin the giants =)


By CasIsAmazing10
giants bullpen can not get an out against the braves! they are throwing batting practice to us!!!!!! no wonder the giants let their starters throw so many complete games....... LETS GO BRAVES!!!!!!!! Are you a Braves fan or a Giants fan?

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