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NFL Preview Part 7:NFC North


By SlyCooperPTI -- July 20
Note:Numbers to the right are a range of wins I think these teams can get.

1.Minnesota Vikings 8-8 - 12-4

If the Vikings get Favre they will definitely make the playoffs if not Tavaris Jackson/Sage Rosenfels should do a good enough job to win the division.AP is one of the best players in the game but they have a few decent weapons other than him too,Bernard Berrian (averaged 20.1 a catch last year),Percy Harvin (if he keeps his nose clean),Chester Taylor and Vishanthe Shiancoe.I wasn't been too impressed with Sidney Rice last year and he should be much of a threat many CB's.The Vikings have very good Offensive and Defensive lines.Also they have pretty good linebackers,but their secondary is a little iffy.Unless Madieu Williams stays healthy or Tyrell Johnson steps up they don't really have any playmakers at either of the safety positions.
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NFL Preview Recap


By SlyCooperPTI -- July 22
AFC Playoff Teams

Patroits Steelers Colts

Bills WC Chargers Ravens WC

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Steroids vs. Gambling


By SlyCooperPTI -- July 20
Alright I'm taking a little break from my Nfl Preview (it'll be back tomorrow) and I'm going to talk about baseball.My question is why isn't Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame?Is gambling really worse than using steroids?I don't thinks so,as far as I know that didn't really change his performance on the field.I don't know all the detail of his story but he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.Another question I have is why was Manny suspended 50 games for not technically using steroids or HGH?He hasn't had a positive test for steroids.I understand that what he took is for when you come of a steroid cycle but I'd like to believe what he said it was for. Read more ... and weigh in on this blog!


Ron Artest/Free Agent Moves


By SlyCooperPTI -- July 24
The Lakers made a great move when they signed Artest and so far thats the biggest move for any team in this Free Agency period.Even though the Cavs got Shaq, the Lakers are getting Ron Artest in his prime.Artest hasn't got in trouble too much since the "Malice in the Palace" and he doesn't worry me as a teammate,although he did say he wanted to "hoodilize" the Lakers,he's was a good teammate with the Rockets.But getting Artest had one downside getting rid of Trevor Ariza who at 24 just came off his best season.They also might lose Lamar Odom.Odom probably should've been signed by now and hasn't really had too many teams interesed.If I was a GM I'd want Odom for my team.He's not an All-Star or anything but he's good at what he does and is a great teammate.Even with the big moves the Lakers made the team that will be most improved are the Pistons.Adding Charlie Villaneuva and Ben Gordon to a team that has Rip Hamilton,Rodney Stuckey and Tayshaun Prince will get them back in the playoffs in the next couple of years. What do you think about the Lakers getting Artest?

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