Boys sprinters shine at Return To Glory All-Comers (2/25)

Sophomore Fremont HS transfer Jalen Washington, formerly a class sprint champion in
Louisiana, was the headliner at the "Return to Glory" All-Comers meet at Los
Angeles Fremont on Saturday.

Washington won the boys 100-meter dash in a hand-timed 10.7 seconds and returned
later to win the 200m in 21.6. Washington won the "Class C" title at 400 meters at
last year's Louisiana state meet, clocking 51.08.

Justin Cooper, who transferred to Long Beach Jordan (formerly at LB Wilson),
undertook a rare 800-200 double but came away with solid results, winning the
former in 1:57.2 and then taking second in the latter at 21.7.

On the girls' side, Long Beach Jordan transfer Re'Onna Taylor recorded a
100-200-400 sweep in times of 12.3, 25.8 and 61.1, respectively.

(School name included for lD purposes only)


100- J. Washington (LA Fremont Soph) 10.7, Parker (LA Hamilton) 10.9, J. Lewis
(LA Fairfax) 11.2, Hathaway (LA Hamilton) 11.3, Duncan (LA Fremont) 11.4,
Vonhanzoik (LA Hamilton) 11.5, ONLY RUNNERS SUB 11.6

200- J. Washington (LAF Soph) 21.6, J. Cooper (LB Jordan) 21.7, J. Lewis
(LAFFAX) 23.7, C. Rogers (Rolling Hills Prep) 23.8, Duncan (LAF) 23.9,
Vonhanzoik (LAH) 24.2, Hathaway (LAH) 24.9, ONLY RUNNERS SUB 25.0

400- J. Washington (LAF) 52.7, Duncan (LAF) 55.6, Rogers (RHP) 55.7, Hathaway
(LAH) 58.9, Vonhanzoik (LAH) 59.8, ONLY RUNNERS SUB 60.0

800 Meters- J. Cooper (LBJ/Teekay TC) 1:57.2, A.Tapia (Unat/TKTC) 2:03.1, C.
Rogers (RHP) 2:18.7, ONLY RUNNERS SUB 2:20

1600- M. Flores (LA Fremont) 5:19.5, ONLY RUNNER SUB 5:20

300H- J. Cooper (LBJ) 41.4, NO OTHER RUNNER SUB 45.0

4x100- LA Hamilton "A" 44.5, Unat "A" 47.0, LA Hamilton "B" DNF

4x400- Teekay TC 3:28.2

100- R. Taylor (Teekay TC/LB Jordan) 12.3, J. Benson (Rolling Hills Prep) 12.7,
l. Kennedy (Unat) 12.9, ONLY RUNNERS SUB 13.0

200- R. Taylor (TKTC/LBJ) 25.8, l. Kennedy (Unat/Teekay TC) 26.8, J. Benson

400- R. Taylor (LBJ) 61.1, J. Benson (RHP) 69.7, ONLY RUNNERS SUB 70.0

100H- I. Kennedy (Unat/Teekay) 16.4

300H- I. Kennedy (Unat/TKTC) 48.9

LJ- I. Kennedy (Unat/TKTC) 16-2

TJ- I. Kennedy (Unat/TKTC) 33-10.5