2012 Lowell Inv Info

Lowell Invitational
1101 Eucalyptus Drive
San Francisco, CA 94132
Phone: 415-759-2730

Dear Cross Country Coaches:
The 40th annual San Francisco Cross Country Invitational Meet will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at Speedway and Lindley Meadows, in Golden Gate Park. This will mark the 34th consecutive year that Lowell High School has sponsored this meet. We would like to thank the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department for their support of this meet.

There will be three divisions for girls (Frosh/Soph, Jr. Varsity and Varsity) and four divisions for boys (Freshmen, Sophomore, Jr. Varsity and Varsity). We will again be finishing all races in Speedway Meadow. The distance is approximately 2.93 miles for Varsity & J.V. races and 2.13 miles for Frosh/Soph races. The majority of the course follows the same trails that we have been running since 1993 (maps enclosed). The number of races and distances may change based on the number of teams attending and other unforeseen circumstances. We welcome all teams regardless of size or experience.

Entry Instructions: We will use Direct Athletics to collect entries. Every school that plans to attend must follow these instructions:

• E-mail Meet Director Andy Leong at "coachaleong@hotmail.com" to let him know that you will attend the meet. Please include the following in your e-mail: 1) Name of school. 2) Name of Coach. 3) Day/Night #. 4) Tentative number of runners per division that you think you will have. Your school's name will be added to the invite list for the meet within 24 hours.

• Go to www.directathletics.com to enter names and submit entries. Instructions on how to submit names are enclosed. Deadline to submit will be 4:00 PM on Tuesday September 11. Race day entries will be at the discretion of the computer operator, and there will be a $5 per name charge in addition to the regular fees.

A Varsity team must be entered first before a J.V. team can be entered. Teams will be subject to disqualification if they have faster runners on their J.V. teams. Due to our growing numbers, only seven runners can be entered in the Varsity divisions and we may need to cap the number of runners per race.

We will use one of the following schedules (number of awards given in each race also shown):

Eight Race Schedule</p>

SCHEDULE TIME # Team Awards # Inv. Awards
Walk Course 8:00-8:45 AM (maps provided)
Frosh Boys 9:00 AM 2 12
F/S Girls 9:25 AM 2 12
Soph Boys 9:50 AM 2 12
J.V. Boys 10:15 AM 2 9
J.V. Girls 10:45 PM 2 12
Var. Girls 11:25 PM 3 20
Var. Boys 1 NOON 3 20
Var. Boys 2 12:35 PM 3 20
Awards Ceremony 1:10 PM

Thirteen Race Schedule

SCHEDULE TIME # Team Awards # Inv. Awards
Walk Course 8:00-8:45 AM (maps provided)
Frosh Boys 1 9:00 AM 2 12
Frosh Boys 2 9:25 AM 2 12
F/S Girls 1 9:50 AM 2 12
F/S Girls 2 10:15 AM 2 12
Soph Boys 1 10:40 AM 2 12
Soph Boys 2 11:05 AM 2 12
J.V. Boys 1 11:30 AM 2 9
J.V. Boys 2 11:55 AM 2 9
J.V. Girls 12:30 PM 2 12
Var. Girls 1 1:00 PM 3 20
Var. Girls 2 1:30 PM 3 20
Var. Boys 1 2:00 PM 3 20
Var. Boys 2 2:30 PM 3 20

Regardless of how many races there are, the first race will be at 9:00 AM. Number of races and the final schedule will be out by Thursday September 15. Race assignments will be out by Friday September 16.

There will be seven medals for each winning team. Individual awards are given to members of non-winning teams with no more than seven individual medals going to members of the same team. Please note that the J.V. Boys will be before the J.V Girls race. There are no dressings facilities so please come dressed to run.

We plan on having souvenir tee shirts for sale again this year.

Fee Schedule

Entry fees (based on names submitted) will be $10.00 per individual, $50.00 per division (5 to 15 runners. For ever runner over 15, an additional $2 will be charged.) Each school will also be charged a $35.00 website/facility fee. The maximum fee a school will pay will be based on the number of names that they are entering. Below is the maximum fee schedule:

Number of Names Maximum Fee
1 – 30 $200.00
31 – 40 $210.00
41 – 50 $220.00
51 – 60 $230.00
61 – 70 $240.00
71 – 80 $250.00
81 – 90 $260.00
91 – 100 $270.00
101 – 110 $280.00
111 – 120 $290.00
121+ $300.00

Checks should be made out to "Lowell High School Track Team".

You may mail your entry fee to the following address:

Lowell High School
Andy Leong, Track Coach
1101 Eucalyptus Drive
San Francisco, Ca. 94132

All entry fees should be received by the day of the meet. Coaches whose school has a history of late payment will be asked to leave a personal check or their school will not be allow to run. A late fee of $25 will be charged if payment is not received by October 1. If you have questions, please e-mail me at coachaleong@hotmail.com.


Andy Leong
Track Coach/Meet Director