2012 South Pasadena All-Comers Info

@South Pasadena HS Stadium

Day: Saturday Aug 25, 2012
Time: 5:00pm
Entry Fee $5.00 cash only, unlimited events
Event Entry: May enter an unlimited number of events. Some events may not be appropriate for some ages.
Running Events Field Events

60m youth 12 & under 5:00pm Long Jump 12 & younger 5:00-6:00pm
60m dash 13 & up 5:10pm 13 & up 6:00-7:00pm
40 yard dash 1st heat 5:20pm
100m youth 12 & under 5:30pm Triple Jump All ages Follows LJ
100m 13 & up 5:40pm Shot Put All ages 6:00-7:30pm
800m All ages 6:00pm High Jump 11 & older 6:30pm
200m All ages 6:15pm (HJ starts at 3')
Mile 7 & up 6:40pm Pole Vault Start height 6' 5:00pm
100/110 hurdles 12 & up 7:00pm Start height 11' 6:30pm
400m All ages 7:20pm *Open pit during designated times only.
3k 12 & up 7:30pm Athletes receive 3 jumps /4 throws. (Limited shots provided)
*Pole Vaulters must be able to vault safely on their own and
Start at 6'. (must provide your own poles to vault)
Questions, comments or concerns:
Please contact: CB Richards at 626)617-4113 or cbrichards600@gmail.com
Registration: Day of the meet beginning at 4:00pm till conclusion.
Pyramid Athletics All-Comer's TRACK & FIELD Registration Form
Bring registration form to South Pasadena HS track on day of registration or fill out form on site. PLEASE PRINT NEATLY

Participant's Name ______________________________________________________ Sex_____ Age__________
Grade in Fall___________ Birth Date____________________ Phone___________________________________
Address__________________________________________ City____________________ State_______ Zip___________
Parent/Guardian Name (print) ________________________________________________________________________ All participants must sign the following release. Parents or guardians must sign for minors. I/We realizing no insurance coverage is provided for the participants will assume financial responsibility for any cost relating to any accident or injury that might occur while participating in above-named program. Furthermore, I/We will not hold the Pyramid Athletics Club or coaches/South Pasadena HS/School district employees, volunteers or anyone otherwise involved in named programs responsible for any accident or injury that might occur. I/We understand that our participation in this track & field events can result in serious injury and or death and participate at our own risk. Participants grant the Pyramid Athletics Club and South Pasadena HS T&F team permission to use photographs, other recordings or personal data for legitimate purposes.
Participant's Signature _________________________________________________ Date __________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________________ Date __________________
For more info: www.pyramidathletics.net