54th Mt. SAC Relays

The Redondo girls ran a state record 20:01.38 for 4x1600, the fastest ever (#4 on combined list with 4x1 Mile). Moses Galindo/ESPNHS


** - G-SHR: 57.91 for Traci Hicks and the Long Beach Poly CA girls, improving their #2 all-time performance from Arcadia. Only J.W. North CA 57.49 from 2003 stands ahead of them.
** - G-100H: A 13.22w scorcher for Poly's Traci Hicks, with a 2.1 wind barely over the allowable. That makes her #12 all-time, all-conditions. Sasha Wallace (13.43) and Jordie Munford (13.64) followed in a great field.
** - B-DMR US#1 10:05.84 for Nick Hartle and Centennial NV, topping Great Oak CA US#3 10:09.50 and Loyola CA 10:10.76, and moving up from their US#2 Arcadia mark.
** - G-TJ: US#1 42-4.75 (+1.9w) for Sasha Wallace CA.
** - B-LJ: US#2 24-4.5 (-2.7w) for Walter Jones CA.
** - G-DMR: US#3 11:59.68 for Simi Valley and Sarah Baxter.
** - G-LJ: US#4 19-9.75 (-0.5w) for Alexis Faulknor CA.
** - B-SMR: US#4 3:26.37 for Great Oak CA.
** - G-300H: US#5 42.14 for Jade Miller CA.
** - G-800: US#5 2:09.16 for Kayla Edwards CO.
** - B-100/200: Khalfani Muhammad CA starts with a 10.55 win (just off his US#7 10.54), then follows with a US#7 21.32 victory.
** - G-SMR: US#7 4:04.41 for Littleton CO.
** - B-300H: Jarrett Gonzales CA improves his US#8 mark by .02 to 37.31.
** - B-4x200/4x400: 1:26.34/3:16.42 double for Rio Mesa.
** - B-800: Already US#2 at 1:50.35, Nick Hartle NV wins with 1:51.06.


** - G-4x1,600: US#1 20:01.38 for Redondo Union CA, which is the fastest-ever for the actual distance and #4 all-time on the combined 4x16/4x1 Mile list. They also took away the state record set by Saugus in this meet last year.
** - B-1,600: US#1 4:07.72 for Bernie Montoya AZ, as uses ferocious last lap kick to pull away from super soph Blake Haney CA (US#4 4:10.48).
** - B-4x800: US#2 7:44.35 for Loyola CA, just missing the national leader.
** - G-4x800: Another US#2 -- 9:08.69 for Harvard-Westlake CA.
** - G-1,600: US#9 4:51.98 by Mariel Mendoza CA, just edging Megan Huebner CA US#10 4:52.37.
** - B-4x1,600: US#3 17:17.99 and meet record for Rancho Cucamonga CA.
** - B-3,200: Meet record 9:02.20 for Danny Martinez CA.

Great weekend of action ahead: Ariana Washington, Traci Hicks, Cami Chapus, Amy Weissenbach, Nia Britt, Khalfani Muhammad, Nick Hartle, Blake Haney, Bernie Montoya and Ethan Cochran, plus scores of outstanding relays, scheduled to compete.

WINNERS TABLE (I=Invite, S=Seeded, O=Open)