The Franklin tradition continues with Siva

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Playing point guard on the Franklin (Seattle) boys' basketball team is a right of passage, and Peyton Siva is the latest torchbearer in a long line of stars -- Jason Terry (Dallas Mavericks), Aaron Brooks (Houston Rockets) and Venoy Overton (University of Washington) all stared there. Siva is the No. 4 point guard in the nation and is headed to Louisville, and he has established his own legacy at the school. He shares his five tips on how to make a name for yourself as a player in a program rich in tradition.

1. Embrace tradition
"One of the reasons I went to Franklin is because they produce great point guards. I just want to be part of the tradition. I like having that pressure on my back of playing at Franklin."

2. Never back down
"I think my best asset is heart. I'm never going to give up or back down from any challenge. You need that mentality that you're not scared no matter what."

3. Shoot for the stars
"When you walk into the main gym, Jason Terry's retired jersey is huge. It's bigger than the American flag. This school takes their basketball very seriously, and one day hopefully I'll get my jersey up there."

4. Don't get distracted
"A lot of people say Jason Terry won back-to-back state titles and Aaron Brooks did so everyone expects me to win too. I try to not let it get to me. Sometimes it's there so I just try to block it out and do my thing and play my game."

5. Utilize your elder statesmen
"I'm really cool with Jason Terry. We're good friends and we work out a lot when I'm there. He's the type of player who goes all out and goes hard at everything he does. To be in contact with him is a blessing."