Thomas finds NBA inspiration

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DeShaun Thomas has been compared to LeBron James, Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett. But the Bishop Luers (Fort Wayne, Ind.) junior isn't ready to compare himself to NBA superstars yet. He knows there is still more work to do before that. For now the, No. 6 ranked recruit in the ESPNU Super 60 for the class of 2010 gives up his top five favorite NBA ballers.

1. LeBron James
"He's strong, and he can get to the basket anytime and get fouled and still score."

2. Kobe Bryant
"Kobe is the best player in the league. I just like him because he works hard. He can't be stopped."

3. Kevin Garnett
"Leadership. He's always the main guy out there being a team player and working hard."

4. Tracy McGrady
"I just like his swagger. He can shoot. He can pass. I just like his game."

5. Allen Iverson
"He's the quickest point guard in the league and pretty much unstoppable. He puts up numbers, and for a little guy, I like that."

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