The new Kobe Zoom Vs are good to go

Lifestyle editor Jay Corbin and the other testers were made to feel at home at Madison Square Garden. Jay Corbin/ESPN RISE

A few weeks ago, I gave you the lowdown on the new Kobe Bryant shoes in "Faces & Places." Though the Kobe Zoom Vs looked good and sounded even better, I still felt a bit skeptical. After all, what product isn't overhyped just a bit?

After playing in the sneakers, my skepticism was silenced.

My test drive started in the lobby of Nike's New York office. I got instructions to meet up with a select group of testers at a certain time and await pick up. As the black 30-passenger bus pulled up, I still didn't know where we were headed until we reached our destination: Madison Square Garden.

As we were ushered into the locker room, I noticed the lockers each contained personalized jerseys adorned with Kobe's signature No. 24 as well as some exclusive Kobe Zoom Vs. It was clear that we were going to see for ourselves what this shoe was made of.

As soon as I took the shoe out the box, I noticed how light it felt. At 10.5 ounces, it's said to be the lightest basketball shoe ever made.

While playing full court, I noticed that the shoe had great ability to lock your foot down during lateral movement despite its weight. The fact that it's a true low top never impacted my performance; at no time were my ankles an issue.

Bottom line, the Kobe Zoom V is the truth. If you want to see for yourself, the black, gold and purple version will drop Jan. 16. Or you can personalize a pair at NikeID.com now.