Schimmel controls the court and kitchen

Shoni Schimmel can shoot the rock as well as make plays passing. Glenn Nelson

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On the basketball court, Pendleton (Oregon) point guard Shoni Schimmel is arguably the best player in the state, electrifying crowds with her streetball-worthy ballhandling and seemingly endless shooting range. Last year she played for Hermiston High School, Pendleton's rival, and helped lead her team to the Class 5A state title where she earned Player of the Year honors. Schimmel is known for serving up easy baskets to her teammates, but she hopes she'll serve up great meals in the future when she becomes a chef. Shoni dishes to us about her favorite foods.

1. Spaghetti
"I learned how to cook it from my dad. I like how he cooked it."

2. Ravioli
"I learned how to cook it from my grandma. She's a good cook so I learned to cook from her."

3. Cheeseburgers
"I just eat it with pickles and ketchup."

4. Pizza
"I like Hawaiian or pepperoni pizza. Pizza Hut is my favorite place to order from."

5. Soup
"I like the ones right out of the can. Campbell's is my favorite. Either vegetable and beef or chicken noodle."