Pennsylvania squeaks into semifinals

(1) Texas (8) Virginia (5) Pennsylvania (4) Ohio Texas Pennsylvania (3) California (6) Georgia (2) Florida (7) Louisiana California Florida

It's no secret that Pennsylvania and Ohio are battleground states in the upcoming presidential election. Over the last three days, those two battled each other in the latest ESPN RISE Great State Debate and, as expected, it was an extremely close vote.

While Ohio still may have the edge on the field based on recent results, for fans showing passion it was Pennsylvania that edged out in front in the final 24 hours. When the vote about which of the two states has the best high school football closed, the Keystone State had 52.2 percent, while Ohio had 47.7 percent.

It was by far the closest matchup in the first round of the Great State Debate after Texas won handily over Virginia, which was followed by Florida topping Louisiana and California surpassing Georgia.

Up next in the Great State Debate are the semifinals, which start next week with Pennsylvania against Texas followed by California against Florida.

If you are from one of those top four football states and you haven't chimed in on this debate, the semifinals would be a great place to start.

Highlights from the Great State Debate

"No contest its PA.

Everyone from Ohio keeps talking about all these D1 players they have. The truth is most of these D1 players play at all the mid major Kent State's and Ohio U's. The quality of these players is not different from the very good D2 programs in PA.

As far as the players that came from the state it is once again no contest. PA has hous[e]hold names such as Unitas, Dorsett, Namath, Marino, Ditka. Look at the top players they pointed out for Ohio in this very article, Dierdorf, Page, Warfield? No contest! "
-- jrob1180

"Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, and Joe Namath as a throw in. Enough said."
-- kirbyrj

"From top to bottom in high school and college (Division I - III) Pennsylvania is the most competitive. If you look at Division II and III football rankings, you will see at least three colleges and universities in the Top 25 rankings from Pennsylvania every year."
-- cyclist73