Smile, or don't

Each weekday, ESPN RISE brings you five vital stats from athletes across the country.

When a local photographer took headshots of five Dunnellon (Fla.) High School football players at a combine in Orlando, Bubba Black, Terrance Brooks, Angelo Cabrera, Jacob Gonzalez and Levone Vereen dropped their smiles and gave the camera their toughest glares. Why didn't these players flash their pearly whites and say "Cheese?" Each player has a different take why they don't smile for football photos.

1. Terrance Brooks "The game is serious, and so I should show that."

2. Bubba Black
"Football's not funny."

3. Levone Vereen
"I only smile for the honeys."

4. Jacob Gonzalez
"To let 'em know I'm going to take the game seriously."

5. Angelo Cabrera
"I want to look serious."

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