Getting to know: Miles Shuler

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Long Branch (Long Branch, N.J.) athlete Miles Shuler came to Sunday's Nike Combine in Philadelphia already an established recruit and looking more to hang out with his friends at the event then actually testing. When the 5-foot-10, 166 pounder who posted a 99.69 SPARQ Rating a year ago at the same event caught wind of the new SPARQ Rating National Championship that will take place this summer however, he snapped into competition mode and went on to post the day's second-highest rating at 116.80. Now get to know him a little better in this ESPN RISE "Getting to Know" series.

Born: September 26th, 1993
Favorite TV show: ESPN Sportscenter
What's in my iPod: Fabolous
iPhone or Blackberry?: iPhone
Mac or PC: Mac
Dream car: Lamborghini
Dream date: Meagan Good
Dream college: Oklahoma
Favorite vacation spot: San Diego
Favorite meal: Meatball Sub
Favorite movie: The Gridiron Gang
Favorite sports team: Steelers
What I'm reading: The Crucible
On my bedroom walls: Track medals and football offers
One thing I'd grab from my burning house: Phone
Worst habit: losing things
Most embarrassing moment: Scored a three-point basket for the other team in basketball
Love to trade places for a day with: Adrian Peterson
My heroes: Dad
Talent I'd most like to have: Being 6-5 so I can play QB
Favorite athlete to watch: Adrian Peterson
Pregame ritual: Turkey, bacon and grits breakfast with Dad. And listen to music.
Best player ever competed against: Charles Davis from Neptune.
Goal for the season: Become a better leader
Biggest rival: Matawan Huskies
Best advice from a coach: Hard work always beats talent that doesn't works hard.