Sneaker Sensei: Illadelph's Finest

Elton Brand's new sneakers are high impact on the court, but low impact on your wallet. Courtesy photo

Gravity-defying play helped Sixer legend Dr. J make his mark in history. His iconic Converse sneakers were also part of his signature. Now Converse is rolling out another Sixer to take the business to the next level. His name is Elton Brand. His shoe is the EB1.

The EB1 is set to be released in mid fall exclusively at JC Penney. During a recent press conference to launch the shoe, Brand said he used to go with his mom, Daisy, to JC Penney as a kid. What makes the EB1 proper is the price tag, coming in at $65. It's a good look for your feet and your pocket, since it has all the performance attributes of shoes twice the price.

Be on the look out for an in depth look into the EB1, as we get closer to its drop date.

Jay Corbin covers lifestyle stories for ESPNRISE.com.