Flashback: SEGA Genesis

"NBA Jam" was a popular SEGA game for NBA fans. ESPNRISE.com

We're all accustomed to today's powerful
gaming systems, but we can't forget from where home
consoles evolved.

In 1989, George H.W. Bush was the president,
LL Cool J dropped his third album, "Walking with
a Panther," Ken Griffey Jr. was still "The Kid." And
SEGA released its 16-bit Genesis.

Bundled with Altered Beast, the Genesis hit
the shelves at the whopping price of $249. What
made the Genesis so hot wasn't its diesel 16-bit
engine but the fact that it was the first
home console to play the Madden series.

For a while,SEGA's only competition was the
Super Nintendo, and the competition was close
between the two until "Mortal Kombat" dropped.
You could get "Mortal Kombat" for both systems,
but SEGA's version was much better.

SEGA went on to release the classic "Sonic The
Hedgehog" franchise and had a solid run up until
1994, when Sony released the PlayStation late in
the year.

Ever since running into Sony's juggernaut,
SEGA has been a non-factor when it comes to
consoles. But it still makes noise with software like
"The Incredible Hulk," "Golden Axe" and "Sonic

Jay Corbin is the lifestyle editor of ESPN RISE.