ESPNHS Thursday: Best of fan blogs 1/29

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Super Bowl Picks and Predicitons


By b-brown914
The first Sunday in February is nearing, and to some people, it's just any other day. They may get up and go to church, enjoy time with friends, or anything else they would do on a typical Sunday in February. To everyone else, however, this means the greatest spectacle in the world of sports: The Super Bowl. ... Read full post

Super Bowl XLIII


By Ho372aP3
Who do you think is going to win the super bowl? Tell me what you think! I'm taking the Arizona Cardinals in an upset!
Weigh in with your pick!



By cdenitti
Your turn! Make your prediction.

Mock Draft v.2 6-10


By BlitzBurghSupreme916
6. Cincinnati: Chris Wells RB, Ohio State

Cincinnati has so many issues its hard to pick one to fix with this pick, B.J. Raji is probably the best value pick at this point, but i think that Chris Wells will bring more balance to an offense that has a lot of potential.

7. Oakland: Jeremy Maclin WR, Mizzou ... Read all picks


The East is back


By RaivonBailey
The east is back.Finally the east is finally a challenge against the west.the east has alot of good players this year.the allstar game is gonna be very exciting
East or West? Which team will win the NBA All-Star Game?

About that Game....


By bluedevilsallday1358
Hey, for all you Duke haters, we lost bcause of a 2.6 sec meltdown of Singler and Zoubek's minds and they let a guy walk right between them and score the winner. We would have won in overtime by the way. Do you think Duke would have won in OT?

About that Game....


By OwLiFiEd.
Let the nervousness begin.
Last night the Owls headed back on the road, looking to turn their away game woes around. The team had been on a two game winning streak, looking better than ever. It looked as if Temple was really going to get things going. Unfortunately, their past road-game experiences said differently. Before Wednesday night, the Owls had an away game record of 5-5. If only the momentum would have carried out of Philadelphia ... Read full post



best blonde yet

By best blonde yet
So ... I'm kinda upset about the new cut. Reese Cates is my favorite rider and now he's no longer on tv. Guess that just means he'll hafta work extra hard. That makes a title even more special :)
What do you think?