ESPNHS Monday: Best of blogs 2/2

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Super Bowl ?


By RaivonBailey
Last Night I had Great Expectations for the Super Bowl.It started off very one sided and I saw very sloppy mistakes that I really did not intend to see.But towards the end of the game it got very close and thats when I really got on the edge of my seat.But over all it was a great game and congrats to the pittsberg Steelers our 2009 Super Bowl Champions.
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Let's Take A Step Back People


By coleadbe
Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl championship in dramatic fashion. Ben Roethlisberger led his team 78 yards downfield and capped it off by throwing a tremendous touchdown pass to MVP Santonio Holmes. A fitting end to one of the most exciting finishes in Super Bowl history. But let's get this straight, this game was not the best Super Bowls ever. Outside of the fourth quarter the game, it was flat out boring. Sure the 100 yard interception return was exciting, but was there really anything else to write home about? The only thing good about the first 3 quarters was the halftime show, which was awesome by the way.
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That's Why They Have Replay!

Kevin Gartman

By Kevin Gartman
I understand it might not have changed the outcome of the game. I understand the Cardinals might have fumbled or thrown away their chances on the next play. I'm even willing to say that Kurt Warner might have fumbled on that last crucial play in the game. It's very possible. But the simple fact that people are calling that play controversial, indicates that the booth should have reviewed the play. I don't understand how the same review-happy crew that looked over multiple plays that were "less-reviewable" could not look at play that everyone was questioning.
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d-high red raiders


By dhs003
tme and my boy patrick graffree put up 42 points combined in the lost against Athens High School. but im mad that we lost because we wanted to take this team to a championship. Check out dhs003's profile!

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