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Top 10 Reasons Why the Bulls Will Make the NBA Playoffs


By Espanol360
Well, it's getting close to that time of year again. Playoff Time. And, here in Chi-Town, things have been gloomy as of late. It began a few months back when the Chicago Fire lost in the Semifinal Round of the MLS American Playoffs. After beating a team that they despised to get there, getting stomped by a considerably easier team SUCKS. But THAT was just the beginning. After a dismal year of WNBA with the Sky and a cancelation of a season in the AFL, Chicago fans were hoping that the Major Leagues would deliver.
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Miami Heat


By robishaw25
The maimi heat or going to win against orlando because no one can stop d wade because he is on a mission to prove he is the best player in the nba amd with his new teamates it is going to be a awesome game
What do you think of the Miami Heat?

Brown's Town vol.1.


By Brian-Brown
Alright!!!!!!! My 1st blog!!!!!! Welcome to what i wanna call Brown's Town. This is my 1st blog and it probably won't be my last. Hopefully my blog will be good enough(if thats even proper English) for people to come back every week(I will be doing this weekly) and read it. Now. Let's get to the good stuff. My topic for this week is the NBA Trade Deadline. I mean u have got to be kidding me. As a HUGE fan of the NBA, I must say that i am GREATLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!! (hope I spelled that right.) ... Read more from Brian-Brown

Trade Deadline


The Trade Deadline has come and gone and no big names are on the move. After much speculation that he would be traded, Amare Stoudemire is stayin put, as is Vince Carter and Shaq. The Orlando Magic really helped themselves out by acquiring Rafer Alston, because this gives them the PG they desperately need. The OKC Thunder, after it seemed they made a great deal in acquiring Tyson Chandler, had the trade rescinded due to Chandler failing his physical, and acquired Malik Rose as well as Thabo Sefolosha. ... More!

College Basketball Top Ranking


By TriCounty12
Duke, Pitt, UNC, UConn, and Wake Forest to name some of the teams that have held the number one spot this year. The top 5 has been really shaken up this year. No one has been dominant in the top spot this year. Only Uconn has held it for the longest time in the recent months. Find out which team TirCounty12 wants to make the tourney!



Butler: The Bulldogs don't need the Davidson game. Butler beat Xavier on the road and the Bulldogs' only non-Horizon League loss was at Ohio State by three. Or do they? Butler lost again Wednesday night in the league, falling at Milwaukee for its second straight conference loss after falling at home to Loyola of Illinois. Green Bay beat the Bulldogs at home earlier this month. But Butler (21-4, 13-3) still holds a one-game lead over Green Bay atop the Horizon League. The No. 27 RPI is usually a lock for a bid, regardless of an automatic qualifier. ... Which teams are your bracketbusters?

March Madness


By badgerspack
tell me what u think
What do you think? Weigh in?!


Kurt Warrner And Arizona Cardnials


By titusyoung04
Kurt Warrner is a great QB and took the Cardnials to there first Super Bowl. But you have to understand that he is getting old and he is probuly in pain from getting sacked for a couple years, cause he has been with the St Louis Rams and the New York Giants and now the Arizona Cardnails. But i think he could go one more year and esspecilly for 10 million dollars a year. If i were him i would sign the contract for 10 million and get the Cardnails to the Super Bowl again.
Do you think the Cardinals will get back to the Super Bowl next season?


New Coach for Rangers?


By letsgotwins91
I'm not in the best of moods. The Rangers are doing very bad and head coach Tom Renney is on the hot seat. Many true Ranger fans seem to want him to stay but I think differently. Tom is a great guy, but that might be the problem. To win you need a coach who kicks the players when they mess up. Fear of a coach motivates me. At my High School, we have a cross country coach who gives us hell and we win.
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St.Louis Cardinals 2009 predictions


By NfGould
The date is February 21st, and I'm predicting the St.Louis Cardinals 2009 season. I will attempt to predict the season for every M.L.B team, and then in October I will see how I did.
Today I take a look at the Cardinals. The scrappy team led by the great one Albert Pujols. There are plenty of question marks on this team, but first let's look at their probable lineup for opening day.
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"Cheating" in baseball


By JimmyNeutron21105
When steroids is talked about in most sports it is almost universally considered cheating. When people talk about baseball back in the '70s when guys used "greenies" all the time and no one thought anything about it, they say cheating was rampant in the game. I completely disagree. ... Read more!

A-Rod what are you doing


By magicman3412
WOW ... he was the biggest surprise of all time, Steroids? how long has he been taking them, and what's gonna happen. Once i heard this a million questions started flashing through my head. I need answers NOW!! What questions do you have for A-Rod?



By bradyrules679
"who's your dealer!,clap,clap,clap-clap,clap."I can just hear the music to my ears at Fenway Park in April,Yankees-Red Sox.I know some New Yorkers think it's cruel and all,and "give the poor guy a break".But you know what,NO.Even though I'm a Boston fan,I would NEVER forgive this guy.ANYONE who used Steroids or HGH,or any illegal performance enhancing drug should be BANNED from baseball.Yeah I said it,banned,with all their stats taken away. ... read full post

What's Going On

about me


By contreras232
I'm new to this thing and don't have many friends right now but i'll appreciate if you would become my friends and tell your friends to become my friends

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I got a streak going for the long shot!


By WillH2017
My streak is 6 and it looks right now like its gonna be 7!!!

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