Nike Air Griffey Max 1

This classic pair of shoes is butter! coutresy of Nike

Why it's hot: This classic pair of shoes is butter! Not only did this sneaker put Nike on the baseball map in the 1990s, it was the signature shoe of future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. back in his heyday. With Junior returning to his Seattle Mariners roots this spring, it's the perfect time for his sneaker to return to the shelves.

Hottest Colorway: Fresh Water Blue/Black

When it's dropping: April

What it'll set you back: $140

Where to find it: Major retail outlets

When to wear: These sneakers were originally designed to help Ken Griffey Jr. better navigate the outfield at Seattle's old Kingdome. But they're now best suited to rock on Friday nights or at school as an alternative to Jordans.

Wear it with: A crisp pair of jeans and T-shirt.

Jay Corbin is the lifestyle editor for ESPN RISE.
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