ESPNHS: Best T.O. blogs 3/8-3/14

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When the Dallas Cowboys released Terrell Owens, you went straight to your profiles to blog about the news. Here are some of the best T.O. blogs.

Terrell Owens blogs



By Cheeseof4
So I guess that there is not much more important or more publicized shall i say than the situation of one such a name as Terrell Owens. He has, over the last couple of days, been in the news more than just about anyone, depending on what games you like and what sports you are aficionado to, you are going to have at least heard of his situation. For those of you who haven't i will bring you up to date and for the others you can just skip down to the next paragraph where i talk about my feelings towards the situation and analyze. Basically over the last couple of days T.O. has been released from the 'boys and has now been looking for teams that want to receive and pay the big bucks to a dysfunctional brat.
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Jags Don't Need T.O.


By D-WEST1571
I really don't think anyone needs to sign T.O. he is to big a distraction and he is 35 years old. All three years at Dallas his stats where all right with 38 td's. In the end I think that if he dose get signed and he dosen't like what he get then he will turn to his old ways. Jags don't need him based on the fact they came off a horrible season and they need to focus on getting better and not on one player's attitude and personality.
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big v142

By big v142
T.O signs with the Bills this still dosent make them playoff bound.
How do you think the Bills will do next season?

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