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April Baseball better than October?


By priorfire5
Baseball is finally here and with it come the anticipation of all 30 ball clubs, that they are World Series contenders. In my opinion March and April are the best months of the baseball season, yes even greater than October. Because in October there is only eight teams trying to win the World Series, while the rest of baseball is only left to hope for next year. But in March and April every team is hopeful of their season, starting with the Yankees and ending with the Royals. Fans all over the nation can take hope when they see the Tampa Bay Rays go from 66 wins in 2007, all the way to 97 wins and an appearance in the World Series in 08. Read priorfire5's full blog post!

Kevin Garnett

Where's KG


By Yung_product
We are in desparate need of Kg to return to Bean Town, We need to get this second seed but its like we are missing a peice to the puzzle and the rest of the team is just collasping. Garnett has missed 14 games all together, and ever since he left we been losing games left and right. Now that Doc said that they are shutting Kg down till like the last 3 games of the season ima need for the Boston Celtics to step it up to a whole new level ya digg? What do you think of the Celtics without KG?

K.G. Out. Again


By Baseballanderson
K.G.s out again. With only a few games left in the season Garnett will probably miss most of the reamainder of the season. Now the Celtics will do fine without him but what if this comes back during the playoffs? Right now the Celtics aren't playing the best teams in the playoffs they will be. Will the injury affect his gameplay as well? If the celts want to repeat as champs but to do that the Big 3 have to be on the court. Leon Powe would do fine probably on the court if Garnett goes out in the playoffs, but Powe is a young player and doesn't have the experience or leadership skills like K.G. does
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World of sports

Spain is one of the best sport countries in the world.


By duke_RULES98
Spain is one of the best sport countries in the world for several reasons and here are some of them. Spain has the best soccer or futbol team in the world, they won the euro league championship. They have the best tennis player in Rafa Nadal who has won 3 of the 4 major grand slams and only has 2 losses on his 2009 record. Their basketball team is one of the best, losing to the US in the championship by 11. They now have alot of players in the NBA and they are doing very good. Like Pau Gasol who starts for the lakers and Jose Calderon who is the leading free throw shooter in the NBA. They also have Ricky Rubio coming next year in the draft and is suppose to in the top 5 picks. That is why spain is one of the best sport countries in the world. What do you think? Weigh in!

Get to know



By jayce39
my name is jayce and i am ubsessed with watching sports especially colege sports, NFL, and basketball. my top three favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Hornets, and the Virginia Tech Hokies!
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