ESPNHS: Best NCAA Championship blogs 4/6

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One more game

Michigan State Spartan facing North Carolina Tar Heels in the National Championship


By byjinn
With Michigan State rallying and upsetting Louisville and Connecticut they're about to face the toughest North Carolina team that defeated Oklahoma in the Elite 8 and now facing another challenging team that they bat on Dec.3 and ready to do it again.
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Michigan St. vs North Carolina


By futurehalloffamer09
There is no way Michigan State can beat North Carolina And here's why
North Carolina beat their opponets 12 or more points. here are 2 points for Michigan St.. When St. played Maryland. Spartants lost by 18 points and lost to North Carolina by 35 points besides the Big Ten is getting better but a little more work. North Carolina has 3 pointers, State dosen't. And he final score is 110-72
What do you think of the 110-72 prediction?

Final Four In Detroit: The Championship game is set.


By KeithCosby
Michigan State University beat UCONN today 82 to 73. Upset. I wouldn't consider it to be one. Considering the fact that they were playing in their home state, I figured the Spartans were going to play a good game. Travis Walton didn't have a good game as far as scoring, but he had 8 assist and 0 turnovers. Lucas and Morgan had good games scoring, Lucas finished the game with 21 and Morgan with 18.
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Your picks

Final Four In Detroit: The Championship game is set.


By jrowley91
Well I went 1-for-2, losing UCONN…So heres my Championship pick: UNC 91-85.
I think the gas runs out on Mich. St. here.
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michigan state : Team of Hope or Team of BUST


By Y_zz
It seems like a story book Ending ….or it could be. A city in need of a team that could bring some joy and some hope to it, Something that people could brag about , If there ever was a time and a place that needed this mens basketball national championship game is the city of Detroit. And just like a story book Hero comes the spartans to save the National championship game. That might sound weird but the NC game really did need michigan State to be in this game, ... read Y_zz's full blog post.

NCAA championship game


By K-Rich12

Hey its krich
Which team are you rooting for tonight? Talk with K-Rich12.

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