ESPNHS: Blogger of the Week 4/5-11

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Jets246292 is the ESPNHS Blogger of the Week for April 5-April 11, and here are his top blogs.


Another Lottery Pick For the Nets: What is Their Future?


By Jets246292 -- Posted April 8
Today the Nets officially dropped out of the playoff race. With a lost to the Celtics and a win by the Pistons the Nets are out. Even if the Nets had won the still would have been out. I am disappointed in their season this year and a win of the lottery could help the Nets be a domniant team in the future. The future of the Nets looks Something like this: Check out who Jets246292's thinks will be the future of the Nets.

The Heel Deal


By Jets246292 -- Posted April 7
The Tar Heels are victorious in what seemed to be a blow out game. This game got boring quick. I mean how many people watched the second half? But really Congratulations to the Heels and Tyler H, Ty L, Wayne E and all the other Tar Heels. Congrats to their fans, its about time right? The odds were almost against them. Two years ago they lost in the Elite Eight to Georgetown. Last year they lost to Kansas in the Final Four. This year they could have lost to MSU in the Championship game. See a trend? But the Tar Heels prevailed and this game was over fast. Congratulations to Tom Izzo's Spartans though they didn't win they still beat 2 number 1 seeds to get to where they were. Once a again the Tar Heels hold that trophy!!! Talk with Jets246292 about the Tar Heels.


Opening Day


By Jets246292 -- Posted April 6
Can you believe it? It is Baseball Season. Time for all your basketball woes to be flushed down the toilet and your baseball dreams to start remerging. Last night the Braves officially started the 09 season beating the Phillies 4-1. Today there were many good matchups. Some teams got upset and some teams came thorugh but all the games today were are promising sight to a good 2009 season!!! I love baseball and you can bet that I will be watching all year. Heres to a great 2009 season!!!:
What do you think about the 2009 baseball season?


Cutting Playoff Hopes?


By Jets246292 -- Posted April 5
As we all know, Jay Cutler is now a Bear. Are the Broncos still a playoff contending team? Well, the answer is no. Even with Jay Cutler they didn't make the playoffs and now they expect to be close to the playoffs? I wouldn't be suprised if the Raiders finish better than them. Jay Cutler enhances the Bears resume but does not exactly make the Bears a great team. I think that Kyle Orton did a great job in 2008 and will try to show those bears what he is worth. Although this trade helped both teams, Cutler for the Bears and getting rid of Cutler for the Broncos, Both these teams in my mind are not playoff material!!! How will the Bears do with Jay Cuttler? Talk with Jets246292 about the trade!

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