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macman76 is the ESPNHS Blogger of the Week for April 5-April 11, and here are his top blogs.


Marc's Lakers Playoff Preview: First Round


By macman76 -- Posted April 17
The Lakers have the upperhand in this series for several reasons. First, they have home court advantage and the Jazz are terrible on the road. Second, the Lakers were the top road team, countering Jazz's good play at home. What the Jazz do have is Deron Williams. He makes plays happen, whether he drives to the rim and makes a layup, drives and kicks, makes a 3, etc.. But the Lakers have the games best and most clutch player, Kobe Bryant. If the Jazz were to have any chance they will need to dominate the offensive boards, but with Bynum back that seems unlikely. Lakers will be too much for the Jazz.
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John Madden retires, finally?


By macman76 -- Posted April 16
Madden was the premeire broadcaster of the NFL for over three decades. He made football understandable to the average Joe. He made them put down their jars of beer and think about the game. He acknowledged everyone on the field and made all the positions seem important. His use of interjections such as "Boom!" and "Whoa" gave the game more excitement. His infamous use of the squigly line thing on the game gave us more understanding of the offenses, defenses, and special teams. So I say, why did he have to retire. ... Read macman76's full post.

What Happened to the NFL? Part II: What THEY did to the QB


By macman76 -- Posted April 15
The quarterback was a tough leader. Think Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, Dan Fouts, Frank Tankerton, and Bart Starr. These guys took hits and got back up. Today's QB does the same, but instead of walking to the huddle he advances 15 yards on a penalty. Today's quarterback is not a sissy, just the NFL is protecting him as much as possible. He has five guys and sometimes RBs and TEs protecting him, that's already more than the President of the United States. Keep reading this post ... and Weigh in!

Crossing the Line


By macman76 -- Posted April 14
As an offensive lineman in high school, I have come to apreciate OLs in the NFL and in NCAA. I want everyone else to do the same. Lineman or the hulky giants who take or lay a hit on every single play. It takes a real man to play lineman unlike other positions in football (aaaahhhhhWRhhhhhmmm and haaaaaaaaQBchhhhhoooo.)
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San Diego fans

The Curse of San Diego


By macman76 -- Posted April 12
I am a San Diego sports fan, but I'm sad to say we are cursed. We are collectively more cursed than the Cubs, and we are more cursed than the BoSox were. The only championship, professional or collegiate, is the 1963 Chargers which really should not count because there were steroids involved. The Padres have not won the World Series at all (the Cubs can't say that.) When the Clippers were here they were crap. SDSU is not a top-notch school in any sport. Read more about the curse on San Diego sports.

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