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Manny and his drugs


By Sportsking437
Well as we all know,Manny Ramirez is being suspended 50 games for taking a pill that is for woman.I am very disapointed in him.He is a HERO to me and to see this happen is a shock.Why do basball players do stupid stuff like this…. i wish i had the answer.Play the game right.How hard is that.

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Another Episode of Manny Being Manny


By manny24435
With the news of my former hero Manny Ramirez being suspended for a banned substance, I was actually extremely disappointed even though he completely quit on the Sox last season. Most of Red Sox Nation finds this news enjoyable and well deserved. Just remember Boston what the man gave us, two world championships after an 86 year drought. My relationship with Manny is a love hate type of deal where I despise him for just quitting to get more money and adore him for letting me die in peace.
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Manny Ramirez: You Were My Last Hope!


By chibears1223
It seems like there's really no good baseball player that does it the right way. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, A-Rod, and now Manny Ramirez. I was really disappointed when I found out about A-Rod because I really did believe in him and respected him for supposedly just being naturally gifted. I got over it because at least I still had Manny. That ship has sailed. Even after the whole controversy with the Red Sox, I still liked and respected him because I thought he did it the right way. It doesn't matter if he says he was doing it for his health. I hear that way too many times. Why would anyone believe it even if it is true? Besides, the drug he used is supposed to make your body go back to normal after using steroids. So has he used steroids? I don't know what to think.
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Another Legacy Smashed


By dirtydave998
I have never been a very big MLB or any kind of baseball fan, but I was starting to become one this year. Then I thought about changing my mind. Maybe it was because I found it less exciting than most other sports, or maybe because I was never good at it. The biggest probability is because of the steroid issue. In the last two years we figured out that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Alex Rodriguez took performance enhancing drugs. Another big name player tested positive, we found out yesterday. His name is Manny Ramirez. Some say they expected this and some say they were caught off guard. I knew there would be another person I just didn't know who. Ramirez violated the MLB's drug and treatment policy. Manny will be suspended for 50 games. What do you think of the suspension? Weigh in!

Manny Ramirez


By readlith
I was talking with my friend about the steroid era and what it has done to the game about a week ago. This friend and I rarely agree on matters involving baseball, seeing as I love Orioles baseball and he is a Yankee for life, but we both agreed on one thing: There are still enough players out there to save the integrity of the game.

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Manny Being Manny


By Baseballanderson
Yesterday May 7th Manny Ramirez was suspended 50 games after testing positive for a banned substance. Manny said that it was perscribed by a doctor because of some health issue. Now the question is though will he be forgiven by not just Dodger fans but also Red Sox Nation. We all know about what happened to Manny in his last day with the Red Sox. Actually there was a special on Manny and his last days with the sox on FSN last night. It showed something that I had forgotten about. It showed how he called John Henry (the owner of the Boston Red Sox) a liar after he sucked up to him and made him happy for those 7 and a half years. But one thing I hope doesn't happen is everyone thinks the Sox '04 world series championship and the '07 one were rigged because Manny was on drugs.
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