ESPNHS Wednesday: Best blogs 6/10

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Blog of the day

Sox-Yankees, NBA Finals, and Stanley Cup Game 7


By Tebow4Heisman1533

Being a huge Red Sox fan I am extremely excited about the way the Sox have played the Yanks so far in 2009. First let's start with the Yankees main problems. Overall, starting pitching hasn't been there so far for the Yanks. AJ Burnett was god awful last night and the Yankees bullpen didn't fare much better, currently Yankees bullpen (or lack there of) ranks 24th in the MLB with an ERA of 4.75. Also Joe Girardi should be under more fire for keeping Chien Ming Wang in the rotation despite the great pitching of Phil Hughes and Phil Coke, those two have been god sends out of the pen for the Yanks whiel Wang is struggling. Offensively the Yankees are good, last night they ran into a pitcher who has been stringing together fantastic pitching performences in Josh Beckett. Once A-Rod adds more than protection the Yankees offense will improve. The Red Sox on the other hand, have a lineup that is coming together offensively, David Ortiz is finally starting to hit and the Sox also have the best bullpen ERA in the majors which allowed them to finish the Yankees after Beckett was done.
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its NOT over


By thomasvasbinder
who saw that amazing game three???? that just proves that the Magic aren't giving up without a fight. everyone who thought this was a sweep..... guess up you were wrong. so lakers you and kobe aren't taking this that easily. lets go magic you can do it.
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Wings in 7


By MaggsHOF
was wrong about the Wings in 6, but they will win in 7.

The Wings are too good not to win the cup so I think they have to win. The Wings can handle the Penguins, and they are going to have to come Game 7.

The home team has won every game of this series. The Wings have the best fans in the world. The Hockeytown will be rocking for the game 7 and there will be some happy Red Wings fans after the game. Predict the score of Game 7!


Packers Defense Preview


By Cheeseof4
I am doing a three day packers preview that will include

*Season Preview

This is the first leg... Defense Check out what Cheeseof4 thinks about the Packers.

What's going on

How The Economy Has (and hasn't) effected sports

GCS Infuego

By GCS Infuego
For my first blog in what seems like a lifetime, I decided to write about the most ongoing topic in America... The Economy!! I personally am sick of all this overrated buzz around money, but in actuality, it has affected my lifelong passion: sports!! Here is one way it has done so: Weigh in on the impact the economy has had on sports.

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