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Atlanta Braves

A better lineup for the braves


By pieman12347
I think if Atlanta used this lineup, they'd be alot more effective.

1. CF Nate McLouth

2. SS Yunel Escobar

3. 3B Chipper Jones
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Detroit Tigers

2009 World Series Contenders?


By kracht1
The Detroit Tigers were the best... on paper. The 2008 season seamed set in stone when the Tigers made the deal of the offseason by trading for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis from the Marlins. They signed Edgar Renteria, among the top 10 in NL BA in '07 too. They were supposed to win 100+ games, score 1000 runs and win the World Series. But what did they do? They finished last in the 2nd worst division in baseball(the NL west was horrid), had an era of almost 5, and couldnt hit a beachball.
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Los Angeles Dodgers

No surprise


By fordsuks44
There is no surprise that the dodgers are the best team in the majors without the edition of manny ramirez. The dodgers have arguably the best outfield in the majors with andre eithier, juan pierre, and matt kemp. the have a average to good infield with james loney, rafael furcal, orlando hudson, and casey blake. Russell Martin is having a down year with a .254 BA with 0 home runs. But no worries, as they have brad ausmus to relive him. As for the pitchers, chad billngsley has been terrific this year with a 8-3 record, with a 2.73 ERA.
Which MLB team do you think is the best?

St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals coming back on top.


By Trenton815
Since the Cardinals won the 2006 World Seires they haven't made the playoffs and thats probley because of Carpenter being out mostly 2 sesons.There record is 33-28 winning there first game from there losing streak.Maybe if they do well the rest of the seson they can come back on top and go to the playoffs. How do you think the Cardinals will finish the season?

Albert Pujols

The Wonderful Albert Pujols


By 1Baseball...1Life
Jose Alberto Pujols - 13th Round - overall pick number 402
Albert and his family immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s and upon his arrival Pujols realized that he loved the game of baseball. Albert loved to play baseball, watch baseball, and even talk about baseball. The game quickly became his passion and practice paid off. In high school Albert was known as a great hitter with a batting average of over .500 his first season, which is undeniably impressive. Unlike a lot of young men, Albert's passion for baseball didn't die when he graduated from high school. Instead, Pujols attended Maple Woods Community College in Kansas City. His first season with the community college team proved fruitful, as he hit a grand slam and turned an unassisted triple play! Albert Pujols made his talent, with a batting average of .461 his first year in college. Read more facts about Pujols.

Joba Chamberlain

Where's Joba?


By habbs7342
Tonite was a prime example of why Joba needs to be in the bullpen. Sabathia had a great outing, he went 7 innings strong and then in the eight inning, he gave up a second run. Fine, no big deal. the yankees are still up one run and its the eigth. Just need to get through this inning and we can get to Mariano Rivera.
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The Real Deal on the Raul Ibanez Steroid "Accusations"


By periattM10
I just finished watching an "Outside the Lines" report on ESPN about the responsibilities of a blogger.
In this particular instance, Jerrod Morris, a writer for a blog called Midwest Sports Fans, wrote an article that explored the admittedly interesting jump in Raul Ibanez's power numbers. Read more of this blog ...

Talk baseball



By dobleplymster
hey i love sports and i just want to tlk sooooo if u want to tlk sports tlk to me and lets tlk mets right because i love baseball and u cant find a better 2nd baseman then me soooooo i know my sports and i wnt 2 tlk sports. Talk baseball with dobleplymster!

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