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pieman12347 is this week's ESPNHS Blogger of the Week!


The Larger than life question again consumes half our days in pondering....


By pieman12347 -- June 10
Who will win the Al East? The New York Yankees, or the Boston Red Sox. The Bosox didn't do as much offseason trading as the bronx bombers, but I still pick them to win the Al East. In my eyes, New York made some great deals in a desperate attempt to restore order in New York City. Boston sat back and watched the fun. With all the Yankee's trading and signing, the BoSox are off to an undefeated record against them. Either all the players they signed are overrated, or the Boston Red Sox are just that good. I guess having A-rod out for a month didn't help the Yankees, but I guess I still expected more from them.
Read more ... and tell pieman12347 who you think will win the AL East!

David Ortiz is Big Papi no more


By pieman12347 -- June 8
David Ortiz says he's tired of everyone writing him off. But let's face it Ortiz fans. He's not going to be the same this season. The Red Sox managing is solid so I don't think he'll be going anywhere in the offseason. But he needs to clean up his act. Take the extra half hour of batting practice, hit the gym a few more times a week. Do what you need to this offseason to keep from getting dealt from a decent team. He's only hitting .197. Ichiro has four times as many home runs as Ortiz. (Which is very sad.) But I tip my cap to Ichiro for starting out so hot. Do you think Ortiz will bounce back?

The Nationals Draft Dilema


By pieman12347 -- June 8
The Washington Nationals are the worst team in baseball. Supposing they get the first pick of the draft, they could either trade for a better player, or take Steven Strasburg, the number 1 pick. Strasburg may not even agree to play for the Nats. Why take a risk of 50 million dollars for someone who may not ever play for you. That's what Washington is planning to do. This makes two teams who desperatley need a new managing staff. The Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates(who recently traded all star Nate McLouth for 3 never heard of prospects). Unless these teams rethink what they're doing, they won't have any success. Rate the Nationals on their draft!

NBA Finals

The Magic did not lose.....


By pieman12347 -- June 12
O.K. The Magic loss was part their fault. They missed 15+ free throws. ,Those 15+ free throws came back to haunt them in the way of Derek Fisher. But, the real loss was because of the officiating. Yes, I know there were three or four guys on the Lakers that had 3+ fouls. But Pau Gasol should have fouled out earlier. There were at least 3 goaltendings by him that weren't called. The one big one that was nicely pointed out by the announcers of the game that wasn't called was on Kobe Bryant. There should have been an offensive foul against Bryant before Fisher made the shot. Kobe absolutley knocked the living daylights out of Courtney Lee? (I think. ) Terrible officiating in that game.
What did you think of the NBA Finals?


Nadal's Knee Struggles.


By pieman12347 -- June 9
Nadal said yesterday that he's been playing with knee pain for months. This is one of the most unsmart things you can do in sports. If you are playing with pain, you need to stop and tell your trainer as soon as you expirience that pain. Now, Nadal has played with something wrong with his knee for months and probably will miss the biggest tennis tournament of the year. If he had notified his doctor earlier, who could have treated it earlier, and he would be a threat in Wimbeldon. Now, I don't think he's got any chance at all of winning. How do you think Nadal will play at Wimbledon?


Brett Favre


By pieman12347 -- June 8
If Brett Favre comes back to play for the Minnesota Vikings, I (and a bunch of other people) will be very upset. I just don't get it. If you announce your retirement, YOU RETIRE. NOT say you have the itch to play. Last year, he decided to come back and play for the Jets. I enjoyed watching him turn the Jets around. But the Jets made a bad deal. They gave away their starting QB for an ancient oldtimer who they know will only go one season. This year, if Favre doesn't follow through with retirement, I don't think anyone will support him with his descision.
Weigh in on the Brett Favre situation. Do you think he will come back or retire?

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