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By Keith123421
From Ovechkin, to Osgood, From Crosby to Khabibulan, this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs has been one for the ages!

And what a great way for them to end with a Game 7 in the Finals! Man, doesnt get better than that. Remember when the Ducks hit the snot out of the Wings in Game 6 of the Western Semis? Remember when Ovechkin and Crosby went on scoring-fests? Remember when the Canes pulled off a shocker and beat the Bruins? And before that, when the 8 seed Ducks beat the 1 seed Sharks? All of those memories will be surrounded in the lifting of Lord Stanley tomorrow night inside Joe Louis Arena.
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By kracht1
Im tired of the debate on weather Chris Osgood is a hall of fame goaltender. Why Not? Hes won 3 cups, 2 as a starter and is on the verge of winning another.He has done so many things in the NHL, its crazy to say he isnt a hall of famer. He should be among the top 10 goalies all time. Hes in the top 10 in wins, shutouts, and playoff shutouts. He gets it done when it counts. He's faced adversity many times and has overcome it marvelously. Just look at this year, during the regular season he had one of the leagues worst GAA and Save Pct. And now, hes been one of if not the best playoff performer the past 2 years in the ENTIRE NHL. Chris Osgood is a Hall Of Fame goaltender... no questions asked.
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am i able to go the nba

baby kareem

By baby kareem
here are my stats as a freshmen on varsity:
rebounds-25.3 blocks-4.1
67.4% ft
Do you think those stats could lead baby kareem to the NBA?

Kobe Bryant over shaq


By korix11
I say Kobe Bryant is better than shaq because Kobe has more points in a season.Also Kobe Bryant has had forty point games and shaq has not. Shaq is a good player but not better than Kobe Bryant. I consider Kobe Bryant the next micheal jordan.because He has gotten better within his career with like almost forty points in every game this season.Kobe will have his forth or fifth ring when the LA Lakers defeat the orlando magic. GO KOBE Who do you think is the better player?

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