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All-Star Game

RANT TO ME - All-Star Ranting: AL Version


By ecksteinmyidol
Last weekend, the official results of the MLB All-Star balloting were announced. Within a few hours, the Message Boards at ESPN, mlb.com, and every single team site were on fire, with constant complaints about who deserves to be an "All-Star". And then, the old "Why are the fans voting if they only look at names" complaint came up. Time for an in-depth look at these complaints, and see any actual "mistakes".
Check out ecksteinmyidol's analysis of the A.L. roster!

Atlanta Braves

why do the braves not win games!!!!!????


By redskins5212
When they got nate mclouth i thought that they would turn things around but all hes doing is helping himself. And they got all off this great pitching in the off season like derek lowe, javiar vasquz,Kawicami from jappan but they cant do squatt!!!!!! They need to go in this off season and get some big bats and a true leadoff man (like raffel furcal was) and then the pitching would be set because those pitchers dont get any run supportt!!!!!!!!! Talk with redskins5212 about the Braves.

New York Yankees

Don't count out the Yanks


By bighousecm45
I mean come on, 26 World Series titles. You can never count these guys out. Especially the way Teixeira, Jeter, and A-rod are playing. And the pitching is starting to come alive. Those Red Sox better watch out, the Yanks are coming for them. What do you think about the Yankees? Weigh in!


Manny In the Hall


By Baseballanderson
If you turn on any ESPN or sports channel you can probably see a story on Manny being back in a Dodger uniform. But I haven't seen any in-depth story on whether he should be or shouldn't be in the Hall. Personally I believe he still should be allowed into the Hall of Fame because I still believe he only used steroids while with the Dodgers at the end of last season not before that. Read more of this blog!

What's on your mind



By 6875John
Here's the thing! I don't know how much umpires get paid, but they have a job, to make the right calls. Is that so hard! I mean come on, if you need to get a closer view at a play, get up close. Just do your job! Sometimes I really wonder why we pay these guys!!!
Do you think umpires do a good or bad job? Talk with 6875John about it!

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