No obstacle too high for 6-foot-11 Laue

When we last talked with Kevin Laue, it was the summer of 2007, and the 6-foot-11 center was preparing for his senior year at Amador Valley (Pleasanton, Calif.).

Kevin hoped to use his final high school campaign to earn a Division I basketball scholarship, but that dream was dashed when he broke a leg midway through the season.

Laue still had interest from Division II programs, and he could have stopped there. But as he's proved all his life, he is undeterred by obstacles.

With a left arm that ends just below the elbow, he's had to play hoops with one hand. When Kevin was born, the circulation to the arm was cut off by the umbilical cord. Nevertheless, he adjusted, and eventually he worked his way to becoming a defensive force on the court.

And he wasn't about to let his Division I dream die.

"You don't want to live with regrets," Kevin says. "Anything worth getting isn't easy. You have to keep working, keep trying and don't listen to the negativity. Just keep at what you're doing and it will pay off."

After Amador Valley, Kevin spent a postgraduate season at Fork Union Military Academy (Fork Union, Va.), where he averaged 10 points and five rebounds per game. His play led to Division I offers, and he signed with Manhattan College in May.

"It was awesome, obviously," says Kevin. "It was like, 'I finally did it.' It didn't sink in for a while."

Kevin's mom, Jodi, and stepdad, Jim, were more than happy to see his determination pay off.

"It was huge and everything he hoped for, and everything he worked so hard for," Jim says. "Both of us are like, 'Wow, the kid really did it.' We're beyond proud."

Jon Mahoney covers high school sports for ESPN RISE Magazine.