Hero of Chatham knows her villains

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With more than 1,100 career assists to her credit, Chatham (Chatham, N.J.) senior setter Marika Racibarskas is one of the top girls' volleyball players in the country. Last year, the Penn State commit led Chatham to the Group 2 state championship. Racibarskas has broken a lot of hearts on the court, so who better to dish on the top five movie villains?

1. The Joker -- "Batman" and "The Dark Knight"
Two different performances, but both were great in their own ways.

2. Dusty Dinkleman -- "Just Friends"
Funny and somewhat realistic. You could see someone like this in real life.

3. Regina George -- "Mean Girls"
Just thank God none of my friends are like that.

4. White Goodman -- "Dodgeball"
Ben Stiller is the perfect over-the-top villain. Everything he says in that movie is hilarious.

5. Jack Sparrow -- "Pirates of the Caribbean"
Maybe he's not a true villain, but you wouldn't know it most of the time.