Something amazing

November, 3, 2010
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The last time Zenyatta ran, in the Lady's Secret, it was magic. The other filly, Switch, tried so hard, but Zenyatta just galloped up alongside her, and I knew, "Oh, Switch turned it off." That filly had been all out; she was giving her all, and it was a gallant effort. She ran dynamite, for a 3-year-old filly. She was incredible. But we were just again starting to hit our best stride and cruising along. We won by a small margin, and, like always, Zenyatta already knew she had it won.

I've always thought that she has another gear, that if I really need to ask her, she'll do something even I haven't seen yet. I've always thought that. She just seems to do what the field does. She's not a horse to open up 10, 15 lengths on the field. There's been a race or two in which she could have done that; she certainly is talented enough. But once she goes past the front horse, she gets back into that big old gallop, and she's having fun and feeling happy. She's not running all-out, as hard as she can run, and I've never felt like I've gotten to the bottom of her. I've always felt that if someone went a little faster, she'd just go a little faster than that horse. If it went slower, she'd just go a little faster than slow. It's always exactly enough.

On the dirt, so far at least, the two races she's run were her largest margins of victory. With this long lane at Churchill Downs and the acceleration and stamina I know she has, I really think if we put it all together and get our trip, we could do something wild, something you've never seen.

Going into this race, you're going to worry about the surface a bit, but she seems to have handled it very well in the mornings and it looks like everything is covered. We're all ready to go; we just need our opportunity. I believe we'll get it, and if that's the case, again, we could see something amazing. It's going to be fun -- it's a competitive field, a great field -- and it's no walkover by any means. She's going to have to go out there and really, really run. But she's capable, very capable.

Today I went out to see her on the track again. Then I did my homework, went over everything so I could have an idea about every horse I'm going to ride. I also took a run, and that'll be the last time I work out because I like to give my body a day to rest. Friday is a big day as well, and I want to do my best for everyone I ride for Friday, and that will kind of lead into Saturday. Now I need some time to relax and just kind of shut it down, get to myself and do my thing. Tomorrow, I'll share some memories of past Breeders' Cup races with Zenyatta.



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