Positive energy

November, 6, 2010
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Nervous energy is good for me. I love it. The more pressure, the better I seem to perform. I guess you can use that kind of energy in different ways, can't you? That kind of energy's very powerful. It can ruin everything or it can perfect everything. It just depends on how you use it.

For me, everything slows down. The more pressure, the more I focus. I just take a deep breath, and I can see everything -- the way it's going to unfold. You could feed that energy, and everything is going so fast anyway, you can imagine how much faster you'd start pushing and trying. So it's dangerous energy, but it's good energy if you use it the right way. You just get in the zone and relax and have fun and enjoy the moment. The hard part is sitting right here and writing about it, because now I have no control. But once I get on, then I'm part of it; I'm part of that energy and I can feel it.

Riding Zenyatta is like having magic in your hands, knowing she can do this and it's up to you to just get it done right. I just slow everything down and let her find herself and let her get into her rhythm. And once I can feel her moving and I can hear her breathing and I know she's getting her air, I know she can do anything. She can move mountains. If she shows up in a pocket or anything, it's such energy, it's just like WHOOSH, get out of her way. It's wild. And the great thing about riding her is that she's so big and powerful that if someone wanted to lay on you, she'd lay back and in one jump just shove them out of the way. It's wicked. Her strength is unbelievable. But she's so kind around the barn. I could even tell you situations in a race, where she's moved a horse sideways three lengths, four lengths, easy, like it was nothing. She intimidates them, it's the energy around her -- which is pretty good to have if we ever get into one of those situations where they're trying to box her in.

Hopefully we won't, I try to keep everything good and easy when I'm riding her. We'll just see what kind of trip that we're allowed to have on Saturday. Whatever it is, as long as we're in a flow and in a good rhythm, she can do it.

To everyone who loves her like I do, I just want to say thank you for the support, for the cards and letters, for all your prayers. Say another one, and another one, and another one. Because she's sent from heaven, I really believe that. She's sent for a reason. This is no coincidence, this is no freaky thing. You can see it, you can feel it. She's helped so many people and so many retired horses; she's done a lot for our industry, for people that are out of our industry now, kids, schools, the money she's been able to help generate for great causes. I've donated pictures to these little kids' auctions and they get big money for them. Last night someone said my goggles that I used when I rode on her last time brought $5,000 for retired horses, so they can be saved.

So she does that. It's pretty neat. She's here for a reason. And we're not done yet.



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