Taking blame

November, 6, 2010
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Losing on Zenyatta hurts more than I can explain, just because it was my fault. She should have won, and it hurts.

It wasn't very good at all in the beginning. We got away just a little slow, and I was just having a rough time of it going underneath the white wire the first time. She wasn't leveling out like I wanted to, the combination of the dirt, of course, hitting in her face was a lot of it. She just wasn't used to that part. It just left her with too much to do.

You know, it was just coming back in her face. Although she has run on dirt twice, they were really short fields and she really never got anything in her face before. It was coming back -- you can tell by my goggles; I went through all six. I mean, it was certainly coming back. It just took her awhile to get used to it. Like I said, maybe I should have done a few things differently. If I had to do it all over again, I would have, you know.

Down the backside, she picked it up. It was just a wall of horses. So I couldn't let her pick it up quite like I wanted to. I guess I could have swung out and maybe done it, but then I would have to be way out wide and commit myself to staying wide. After the sluggish start and the way she handled the first part of the race, I felt I needed to cut some corners somewhere. So that's what I tried to do.

When I got her out, like I said, it was a gallant effort on her part. She made up a whole lot of ground. To only come up a nose short, it's pretty tough to swallow. I truly believe I was on the best horse today, and if I had to "blame" anybody, it would be me. But my hat's off to Blame, as well. He ran an incredible race. He didn't fold, and I needed him to fold just a little bit. But he didn't. He hung in tough.

Zenyatta is my everything. She's simply amazing. I just wish I would have been in the race a little earlier because I think the outcome would have certainly been different. You know, again, I believe she ranks up there with the greatest of all time. If I'd have won this, you could arguably say she was. To come up a nose short is just -- it's too hard. It's hard.



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