A bright future for Bodemeister

May, 5, 2012
Before today's Kentucky Derby, I thought Bodemeister was a very good horse. Now? I think he's brilliant.

Sure, we lost. And I'm obviously very disappointed to come so close to winning the biggest race in the world. But at the same time, I'm just so proud of him.

A lot of people thought it was a given that Trinniberg, the sprinter, was going to make the lead. But, as I've told you, Bode is such a free-running horse that I couldn't take that away from him. I was going to let him run. Sure enough, he broke beautifully, and within three strides we were already in front -- I mean bam, now we're on the lead.

I thought if he made the lead comfortably, I'd be able to take advantage of it. But the 45:1 half-mile got to us, no doubt about it. The fractions were taxing. There was a lot of debate about whether or not the presence of Trinniberg helped us. In the end, I'd say it definitely hurt. I was hoping that Trinniberg would catch a flyer and clear me, but we just opened up such a quick lead that there was no turning back. If Trinniberg wasn't in the race, I think Bodemeister would've won by a few lengths -- but hey, that's racing.

At the eighth pole, I thought I had it. But then I saw I'll Have Another coming after me and I knew we were in trouble. Sure enough, he got us. But Bode just ran so hard. He never quit on me. That type of effort and toughness from a horse who's run only five times before is absolutely incredible.

Bodemeister didn't finish first, but he's still a winner in my book, and when I walked back to the paddock to talk to Mr. Zayat and Bob, I told them to let me know what's next for him when they decide.

I definitely think he has a bright future ahead of him.



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