Filante Stables enters Hall of Fame

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Some people make rules while other people break them, and then there are those mavericks who do not even consider the rules because they simply get on with the game, present in the moment rather than fixating on some prescriptive goal. Goals can be a good thing but they can easily become more of a restriction than an incentive.

Filante Stables is the perfect example of one such trainer at Digiturf.com who took the proverbial bull by the horns and put the cart before the horse to create a precedent within the virtual horse racing community that left many players speculating if it would ever be repeated again in future. Filante Stables made it into Digiturf.com's Hall of Fame before he was even a certified master of the game.

There are multiple hierarchies in the virtual horse racing community's leaderboards determined by wins, earnings, racing stats and Digiturf.com's Hall of Fame. All new players begin as rookies when they join until they win their thirtieth race, thereafter they progress to become intermediate stables until they move through the ranks to become advanced, elite and master stables: to become a master stable means that you have won 1,000 races.

Filante Stables has accomplished what could be considered by many to be virtually impossible. His stable earned enough money to secure himself a position amongst the top 20 wealthiest trainers on Digiturf.com before his horses had won enough races for him to call himself a master of the game. He is currently sitting on 995 wins, which makes him an elite stable, but with earnings in excess of $208,600, we think he is more than qualified to be considered a master of the game.

Some trainers literally ignite the virtual horse racing community with their phenomenal success; even ESPN.com has featured their stratospheric rise to the top in one of the most competitive virtual horse racing games online, Digiturf.com, but Filante defied convention by only racing in select high-stakes races that were best suited for his horses, even if it meant racing less frequently. He is not a prolific runner in comparison to some other big trainers; in fact, he has competed in less than 7,000 races to achieve his milestones, which is a low runs figure for Digiturfers. He never made much of a spectacle about his accomplishments, and he simply continued to accomplish a lot with very little fanfare. He is a trainer who has mastered the art of stealth!

One secret that we can share with readers is that Filante Stables concentrates on the $79,000 Championship Series races, where the sponsorships can vary from $2,000 to $3,000 a race. He even excels in these highly competitive races where planning a strategy can extend beyond Digiturf.com's four-month season. To date he's won nineteen Championship Series, including four Juvenile Stayers Championships, 3 Arlington Gold Cups, three Juvenile Classic Championships, three Juvenile Sprint Championships, three Kentucky Derby Classic Championships, two Maiden Juvenile Championships, two Saratoga Sprint Championships, two Triple Crown Classic Championships, a Belmont Stakes Championship, and a Breeders Championship. Those championship titles also make him the ninth most successful trainer in the Championship Series - not a bad place to be considering he has not officially mastered the game!

The most telling aspect of Filante Stables' success is that he is not unique in developing his own strategy to become the 18th most successful player in the history of virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com, but what does remain unanswered is what your strategy would be if you joined Digiturf.com today.

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