Racing for the World Cup

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World Cup fever has captured the world's imagination as 32 international football teams have descended on Brazil for the ultimate battle to determine who truly is master of the beautiful game. This is the biggest sporting event for football fans but it has also got the virtual horse racing community at Digiturf.com going crazy to be part of the action.

Besides the obvious comparisons between the World Cup and Digiturf.com's Championship Series; where all players have to qualify to participate in the finals, both events require excellence in sportsmanship, determination and strategy. The football teams in the World Cup represent the best of the best that their respective countries have to offer, but the real challenge only begins now as they face each on the field in a series of matches that only allows the winning team to move forward to compete against another winning team. This is going beyond just winning a football match because it is on a global stage with their countries' honour at stake. There will not be any private defeats because everything is televised around the world.

Digiturf.com is an online virtual horse racing game where players compete against each other to be recognised as the ultimate horse trainer. Each season lasts four months and is generously sponsored with $320,000. Anyone can race virtual horses at Digiturf.com but it is the player with the best strategy and strongest resolve who can rise to the next level. It's a game of skill that rewards the astute and determined horse racing enthusiast. There are over 100,000 horses available for racing at Digiturf.com. Admittedly, some are better than others, some worse than others and a choice selection of true thoroughbreds capable of competing at a championship level. The trick is knowing which horses are best for racing in Divisions, Qualifiers, Championships or in Claimers. Even the most unassuming horse with a questionable lineage is capable of generating a tidy profit, but to win a Championship Series is worth more than its weight in gold. Winning a championship isn't just about the money, although $79,000 can come in quite nicely if you win it, but it's the prestige of a winning a Championship Series that elevates a trainer above the crowd.

Imagine what it feels like to win the World Cup *#133; that's what it feels like to win a Championship Series at Digiturf.com.

Adding some spice to the mix, Digiturf.com have dedicated a month of racing to support the teams in the World Cup. There are over 500 races running during the World Cup that have been sponsored with over $20,000 cash plus 50 random voucher prizes will also be won by race participants. The races are tiered according to their Divisions, running from C Division to A Division. Progressing from C Division to A division races increases the risk, but it can also increase the rewards. If you're a confident horse trainer then the A Division races will have your blood racing, along with your horses, but if you're looking a more relaxed thrill then the C Division races will be sure to please. Virtual horse racing might sound like a game, but with $20,000 worth of sponsorship, you can be assured that the level of competition will make it the toughest and most strategic game that you've ever played online.

Being a good sport, Digiturf.com has thrown in a few free races for you to score when join their World Cup game today and kick-off your racing!

Digiturf.com is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.