Digiturf.com offers realism

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If you enjoy horse racing then chances are that you would probably enjoy owning a few horses yourself.

There's something stately about owning a stable of thoroughbreds. They're intelligent, dignified creatures that have a natural kinship with their trainers. Preparing them for competitive racing requires patience and skill but the rewards extend beyond financial gain because the distinction of winning a championship can put your name in the history books. At the very least, you should find your horse's name on Wikipedia.

Being a horse owner is not all wine and roses because they require vast open spaces to run - a large yard won't do, and whoever coined the phrase 'hungry like a horse' certainly learnt the hard way that they have voracious appetites. But, while one is never too young to dream, it transpires that one is never too old to own a race horse.

If owning a race horse was ever on your wish list as a child or still on your bucket list as an adult, then you should consider joining the online horse racing community at Digiturf.com where they've been training and racing their virtual horses for years. Some say it is the next best thing to real horse racing, while others say that it is even better than real horse racing.

Whatever your perception is of virtual horse racing, you will undoubtedly be impressed with their level of sophistication and realism. Unlike some horse racing games, which have a novelty factor of sorts, Digiturf.com is committed to providing authentic horse racing for all their members. It's not a fruity slot machine offering instant gratification, or frustration, but an intelligent game which demands skills and strategy to race your horses as competitively as possible to win as many stakes as you can.

There are 100,000 genetically unique virtual race horses at Digiturf.com. Each one of them has their own particular preference for dirt or turf tracks, sprint or stayer distances, and they need constant training to maintain their fitness levels in peak condition for competitive racing. While Digiturf.com sponsors each four month season with $320,000, which obviously brings out the competitive streak in all players, there is a strong focus on recognition in the community. Nobody cares how much money you've won, but how you won it. The emphasis is on how well you train your horses, where you race them and how you maintain their racing form. That earns you respect as a trainer at Digiturf.com, the winnings are just the cherry on the top of a deliciously iced cake.

Digiturf.com has just celebrated their 40th season of successful horse racing. As they prepare for their 41st season they have announced some exciting additions to their game. The season will be sponsored with $320,000, which includes $79,000 cash for the Championship Series. They are also revamping their race program with a clearly defined structure of progression for horses to follow. If they are potential championships they can go straight from maidens into qualifiers to win the Championship Series, but they may be better suited for division races. All of the restructuring has also inspired their developers to create a trophy room to showcase your success in the assorted races. It's a small way to acknowledge the 'work' trainers invest in their game to be the best in their specific niche.

An added bonus if you join is that you can refer friends to join for less than a $1 but earn up to $100 yourself for each referral. The best thing about virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com is that it is a skills based game where players are competing against each other, not a machine. So skill matters more than the luck of the draw. Sharing the fun with friends just makes it a livelier community.

The new season begins on the August 1, 2014 - making today the perfect day to stock your stable with yearlings so your horses are ready to race. Your new virtual stable even includes your first race horse, and it's good for racing!

Digiturf.com is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.