Historic win at Digiturf.com

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There hasn't been a Triple Crown winner in horse racing since Affirmed won the title in 1978.

Winning a Triple Crown in horse racing is virtually impossible -- even in the online virtual horse racing community at Digiturf.com, but it can be done, and it has!

The world of horse racing has an opportunity to celebrate a new Triple Crown winner in the form of Ripen, a virtual colt at the popular horse racing website Digiturf.com. One of their top trainers, Cmr Racing, won the Triple Crown Sprint Championship, followed by the Triple Crown Classic Championship and the Triple Crown Stayers Championship over three consecutive days to become the most recent Triple Crown champion of horse racing. In addition to winning $3,000 cash, plus the distinction of winning the Triple Crown title, Digiturf.com also doubled his winnings to $6,000 because that is what happens in real-life horse racing when a horse wins all three races.

In the true spirit of sportsmanship, Cmr Racing has acknowledged his success with humility, preferring to focus the attention on Ripen. He also thanked the opposition in his races because while they still competed fiercely for the titles, they also publicly supported his Triple Crown campaign if his horse's victory over theirs meant history was in the making. That's what makes horse racing the sport of kings, when the competition is generous enough to see someone exceed, even if it comes at their own expense. Virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com doesn't just mimic real-life horse racing in terms of sponsorships, championships and competitive rivalry, there is a genuine desire within the community to see the true champions succeed.

Obviously Digiturf.com is a game based on real-life horse racing but trainers take their sport very seriously. This is not an online game of chance where a lucky draw determines which horse wins a race. Trainers need skill and strategy to win any race, especially a race as competitive as a championship where the stakes are high and the sponsorships are cash. Digiturf.com has no invested interest in the outcome of a race so players are competing against each other. When one considers that Digiturf.com sponsors three Championship Series a year with $79,000 cash each it is understandable why trainers take their game very seriously. Winning a championship is equally lucrative and prestigious, but winning a Triple Crown simply defies description because it is virtually impossible, even in the virtual horse racing community.

It has happened before that a trainer at Digiturf.com won a Triple Crown. It was in 2003, when Samster's filly, Annies Dangerous, won all three of her Triple Crown championship races. That was over ten years ago, which gives an indication of how competitive virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com can be. This is not a play-play website of pastel ponies, this is a sporting website where the stakes are high, the competition fierce, and the chances of success are directly attributable to one's personal level of investment. Trainers have to train their horses to establish their potential and preferences for certain tracks. They also need to maintain their horse's fitness levels for competitive racing because over-racing them can exhaust them, but through skilful placement they can reap the stakes without punitive handicapping in future races. Horses competing in championships are usually raced at peak fitness, so it takes exceptional skill to race a horse in three championships over three consecutive days, and win all of them.

Winning a Triple Crown at Digiturf.com is such an exceptional accomplishment that when Samster won it in 2003 it was nothing short of a miracle and the media frenzy that followed ensured that virtual horse racing captured the world's imagination. Even Bill Finley from the NY Times and ESPN contributor expressed his disbelief that a virtual horse could earn $6,000 when he interviewed Samster on Sirius XM Radio. Samster graciously corrected him that while Annie's Dangerous had won $6,000 in Digiturf.com's Triple Crown Championships, her filly had actually won close to $20,000 before being retired from active racing. Samster even convinced the esteemed Bill Finley to try his hand at virtual horse racing.

The $79,000 Championship Series at Digiturf.com is a three-day, non-stop virtual racing event that runs over over eighteen tracks with countless consolation races for all qualifying horses. It is worth over $100,000 in sponsorships and is extremely competitive. It is considered so prestigious that trainers have been known to withdraw their horses rather than risk losing. Winning one championship is a phenomenal accomplishment within its own right, but winning three championships over three consecutive days is virtually impossible, and obviously considered the ultimate accomplishment.

Cmr Racing has proven that the virtually impossible is definitely possible at Digiturf.com. His success in the Triple Crown has inspired other players to try their hand at championship horse racing, not because they realise how easy it is, but because they appreciate that in virtual horse racing, just like real-life horse racing, when one sees the impossible as a challenge, triumph is just one of the many rewards a legend enjoys.

One might forget a championship winner but nobody ever forgets a Triple Crown Championship winner.

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