Always Dreaming looking good in yellow and green

BALTIMORE -- Given that he has so many owners, it wouldn't have been surprising to see Always Dreaming competing under a different set of jockey's silks every time he runs.

But the pale yellow-green silks of MeB Stables will continue to be the only ones the colt carries.

"That was all agreed upon early," said Terry Finley, whose West Point Thoroughbreds partnership bought in earlier this year as one of six entities that now own Always Dreaming. "And I think everyone is fine with that. We wanted to be a part of this horse far more than worry about the silks. Actually, I think he looks good in them."

MeB is the stable name of Mary Ellen Bonomo, whose husband, Anthony, is the principal in the original owner, Brooklyn Boyz. Last August, Vinnie Viola (St. Elias) and his wife, Teresa, bought into the colt under separate stable names. Then, West Point and the Siena Farm of Anthony Manganaro joined in as minor partners in March.