Recapping the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby 138:

Union Rags should get a job at the airport baggage claim area where he could get paid for sniffing around trouble. The break was a joke. That he finished where he did is a testament to how good he wishes he was.

If Bodemeister has any bodyweight left, he should win the Belmont Stakes by 15 lengths. Even thinking about him in the Preakness is tiring.

Once again the Beyer speed numbers took a beating. Bodemeister would look good using any figures, even stick figures. Beyond him, none of the triple-figure numbers did much. It appears that the best place to use these numbers as a handicapping go-to element is in a five-horse race at Belmont Park.

The California horses ran great. Putting the real dirt back on the Santa Anita ground was smart.

Creative Cause is wide on the way home every single time.

The next time we see the Hansen owner will put us one over the limit, we being almost everybody else I know, included.

The futures pool and overnight Oaks/Derby double are great spots for your money. Horses covered in those places can be pretty much set aside.

People in Louisville would bet that Calvin Borel's horse could pass another one on a merry-go-round.

The walkover from the barns to the paddock came up just a few people short of Macy's parade.

How's that for a statement about how the sport is doing: 165,000 people on hand, plus most everybody else with any sense watching on a screen, a breathtaking race, no spills and no punks?

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