Yearling sale starts new season

The yearling sales are a period of great excitement for the virtual horse racing community at Digiturf.com because yearlings give everyone a head-start at the start of Digiturf.com's new virtual horse racing season which is worth $320,000 in sponsorships.

With $320,000 sponsorships at stake you can appreciate how competitive virtual horse racing is becoming at Digiturf.com. Yearlings offer trainers the competitive edge because they can be purchased and trained in anticipation of the new season when they turn two-years old. Best of all, yearlings get free food, stabling and training at Digiturf.com so it doesn't cost trainers a cent to prepare their yearlings for the lucrative sponsorships and competitive races that lie ahead of them in the next season which starts in December 2012. Yearlings have to be ready to hit the tracks running as fast as possible because unless your horses are racing they're not earning you any money. Nobody appreciates the fact that time is money better than a trainer at Digiturf.com.

The quickest way to start winning money from races is to get your horses racing from the first day of the season, and the quickest way to accomplish that is to buy and train your horses as yearlings ahead of the season. Trainers can buy their horses throughout the season but buying horses as yearlings gives them a strategic advantage. Digiturf.com is all about strategy because all of the 100,000 horse types with varying characteristics in Digiturf.com's Sales Ring have their own unique preferences for different tracks, distances and goings. Your job as a virtual trainer is to ascertain where those preferences lie. With over nine distances in America, England, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Dubai divided between turf and dirt tracks with six different goings you have 162 racing combinations to choose from - the challenge is deciding which ones are best for your horses.

Fortunately, to make it easier for you, Digiturf.com does tell you if your horse is best suited for grade 1, grade 2 or grade 3 races. From there you have to manage your horse's virtual horse racing career through its first maiden race, through the divisions, possibly detour through the allowance races, before tackling the more advanced level weight and WFA races. You might even consider reselling them through claiming races or in Digiturf.com's online auctions.

The ultimate prize would be to land a champion race horse that can compete in Digiturf.com's $79,000 seasonal Championship Series - that is where the real money is to be found in virtual horse racing. Throughout each four month season there's about $320,000 sponsorships available in the grade 1 races but the three day Championship Series is where you'll find the most lucrative races in virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com. It goes without saying that you need to earn your place in the Championship Series; but half the fun is getting there, the other half is the money you can win getting there!

Fancy yourself as a horseman but never had the budget, or inclination, to maintain an actual stable? Digiturf.com has one ready for you today. All you need to do is name your first horse and choose your silks (and it's free!) but we'll give you some free advice: with the Yearling Sale currently on, and yearlings being worth their weight in gold, now is the best time to buy horses at Digiturf.com!

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