Champ Series best of virtual racing

Digiturf.com celebrates their 36th season of virtual horse racing in grand style with over $320,000 seasonal sponsorships, including a $79,000 Championship Series and additional bonus prizes worth $500 for spectators and a $500 Championship Series Tipping competition. The new season is just as important for the players who don't qualify for the Championship Series as it is for the players who do, and you could also be one of them.

Community participation is a fundamental reason behind Digiturf.com's success with horse racing enthusiasts for the past eleven years, which in addition to their incredibly sophisticated handicapping system, insanely lucrative sponsorships worth in excess of $960,000 a year and their exclusive 3D Raceviewer, makes for a unique gaming experience that cannot be simulated anywhere else online. Digiturf.com might have simulated the thrill of real-life horse racing into a horse racing game but it is one that has never been replicated. They pioneered the virtual horse racing phenomenon and they continue to innovate virtual horse racing.

One aspect of their virtual horse racing community that Digiturf.com will never change is their $79,000 Championship Series. It's a horse racing extravaganza that highlights the best of the best for each season. Digiturf.com hosts three Championship Series each year, providing the community with enough excitement to train and race their horses for the ultimate distinction. Owning a champion race horse doesn't guarantee you a championship title, because ultimately each horse is only as good as the person training it, so you need to know how to maintain your horses at peak fitness, without exhausting them, for competitive championship horse racing.

Another aspect of virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com is that you're not competing against Digiturf.com, they just provide the sponsorship for the races, but rather you're competing against the online virtual horse racing community made up of players from around the world. They are some of the most competitive online horse racing enthusiasts because when they race against each other they're racing for real stakes. It's not child's play because when you consider the skill element, the high stakes and the competitive nature of online gamers and horse racing enthusiasts you soon realize that they're playing for their money or their life. Digitufers take their "sport" very seriously.

This is probably the best time to join Digiturf.com, as their new season runs from December 2012 – March 2013 which culminates with three days of non-stop championship races, six a day, each one worth between $2,000-$3,000. Winning one of those doesn't just put money in your pocket, it is the ultimate distinction amongst horse racing aficionados that sets you head and shoulders above the pack. It also marks the end of the season so you'll get a head start in the new season with a firm goal in sight - and four months to achieve it.

If you never realized you could experience the thrill of owning and racing your own horse, not to mention winning stakes and sponsorships, then Digiturf.com is the virtual horse racing game for you because anyone can be successful in virtual horse racing since it is a game of skill that anyone can learn. No previous horse racing experience is necessary because Digiturf.com offers a comprehensive help section and personalized support that will take you from rookie to champion in the time it takes to saddle your horses.

Your first day as a virtual horse trainer at Digiturf.com begins today!

Digiturf.com is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.