Champions sound off about Digiturf

They are the top five best stables in the world of virtual horse racing having won over $4,400,000 and 137 Championship Series titles at Digiturf.com. They don't need the money so one has to ask why they do it. Turns out that Digiturf.com is also a lot of fun because in addition to their lucrative sponsorships trainers say they enjoy training and racing their own horses against each other - but winning $4,400,000 doesn't hurt either!

The biggest stable belongs to Chrisman, who has won over a million dollars, 6,349 races and 34 championships. Chrisman says that winning a championship race is the greatest feeling in the virtual world. He's not sharing any of his secrets to success but he does admit that he keeps a close eye on his competition and assesses his chances from there. The one thing he is sure of is that regardless of how much money he wins, he will always reinvest some of his money into developing his stable for the following season.

That's great advice from Chrisman considering that there are less than four weeks to the next season on Digiturf.com. If you want even better value for your money, it's worth joining Digiturf.com before their Yearling Sales begin.

Pillbut is the second wealthiest man in the world of virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com but he's the first to concede that it is hard work training horses, managing his races and keeping abreast of the changes in the game because every season is different and the economy of the game changes fast so you have to be proactive. He adds that the competition is tough but that's what he loves about the game which he's come to call his addiction. Even though he was involved in real-life horse racing, Pillbutt admitted that he still prefers virtual horse racing.

Great trainers at Digiturf.com don't expect easy rewards because half the challenge is learning how to prepare to be as competitive as possible in one of the most competitive virtual horse racing communities in the world. You can't blame anyone else for your losses but then nobody can take credit for your success.

Virtual horse racing compares very favourably to real-life horse racing according to Samster, the third most successful trainer at Digiturf.com, because she says she enjoys the total involvement in managing her stable. She credits her success to her early preparation from the start of each season. Having determined her winning formula she doesn't need to tinker with her system because she knows which horses will be running in her daily bread and butter races, and which horses she will be grooming exclusively for the Championships Series. With about $700,000 earnings, she knows where to win races -- and how to train for them.

If you wanted to take a feather from Samster's cap: Not every horse is going to be a championship contender but you need decide how you can maximise their profitability because while everyone is going to lose a few races from time to time, you should still be making money in all your races.

Digiturf.com is a game for sure but it's not child's play. Even the site's fourth most successful player, Trezza Stables, who is often referred to as the "golden boy who went platinum" on Digiturf.com admits that when he joined the game his only intention was to have fun but that went out the window fast as the game swept him away. Digiturf.com struck a competitive note with him and he found himself wanting to keep competing and building his stable to compete in as many championship races as he could, because, in his own words, "There is absolutely nothing like championship week!"

The great thing about Digiturf.com is that you can determine your level of commitment. You can choose to compete in races through a smaller stable which requires less maintenance but the world is your oyster if you want to establish a stable that dominates at every level of the game.

The fifth most successful trainer at Digiturf.com is Black Lotus. He's won over 3,900 races, 28 Championship Series and earned close to $500,000. The biggest lesson he has learned that he's prepared to share with new players is to qualify your horses early for championships rather than waiting until the last minute. Preparation is key to success at Digiturf.com which is why he also advises new trainers to make sure their horses are fit for their races and check all their equipment. Black Lotus adds that he cherishes every championship race as there are only a handful of horses that can achieve this feat so the competition is high, in fact, there are so many rivals in each championship race by so many great trainers that he feels lucky to win!

One has to ask why Digiturf.com's top trainers are so generous with their advice when they are also playing to win. Truth is that's what makes Digiturf.com so great, even the top players have a vested interest in the community but they also want you to play at your best so that they have to work even harder to be the best.

Digiturf.com is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.