Digiturf.com's yearling sale is on

If you want your stable to rock in the new season of virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com then you need to stock your stable with yearlings today.

The yearling sale began as a simple initiative to give trainers a head start in preparing their horses for the new season, but it's become an institution within the virtual horse racing community that trainers anticipate as one of the most important dates on the virtual horse racing calendar because the fastest way to start making money in the two-year-old races at Digiturf.com is to start training your horses today.

Virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com is incredibly competitive due to the $320,000 seasonal sponsorships at stake. Those sponsorships are divided over a season spanning four months, so trainers want to get their horses prepared to be as competitive as possible - racing over their preferred tracks, distances and goings. It is important that virtual horses are prepared to start racing from the beginning of the season (August 1, 2013) so that their trainers can earn as much money as possible. Buying yearlings is considered to be the competitive edge that gives all trainers the "unfair advantage" over other players that are slow in their preparation for the new season.

Yearlings are also a more cost-efficient purchase in Digiturf.com's Sales ring because they get advanced training and free stabling. Although virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com is an online skills-based game, trainers often manage their virtual stable like a business by trying to maximise their earning opportunities while reducing their expenses. Nobody appreciates the fact that time is money better than a trainer at Digiturf.com, so yearlings have to be racing fit as fast as possible because unless your horses are racing they're not earning you any money.

Another powerful motivator for buying yearlings is that trainers are looking for the next monster thoroughbred race horse that can compete in Digiturf.com's $79,000 Championship Series. These extremely competitive and highly lucrative races are a rite of passage for all players who want to prove their prowess at effective stable management.Digiturf.com's $79,000 Championship Series requires a long-term strategy that includes buying, training and racing some of the most demanding race horses online. One might not be able to afford the time or money to own a real stable but a virtual stable at Digiturf.com makes that dream a virtual reality.

Digiturf.com has added a new Sales Ring that exclusively sells Grade 1 race horses, as opposed to the traditional Sales Ring which sells a random selection of Grade 1, 2 and 3 horses. Not all Grade 1 horses are going to be championship material, but buying horses from the Grade 1 Sales Ring exponentially increases your chances of getting a virtual horse racing monster. One can always race the weaker horses in lower grades but they aren't sponsored so the stakes are reduced, whereas a monster virtual race horse always makes for exciting racing.

The biggest monster yearling bought to date was Rusty's Princess by Maple Leaf Farms. Within 24 months this filly had earned her trainer over $35,600. She also won over 200 races, which included the Kentucky Fillies Classic Championship and the Saratoga Sprint Championship. She was definitely one of the strongest competitors in Digiturf.com's races, but she was also superbly managed by a very astute trainer who could easily have overlooked her innate abilities and mismanaged her virtual horse racing career. She is currently the highest earning filly in Digiturf.com's Hall of Fame; she's also the second highest earning horse of all time and one of only three horses to have earned legendary status.

The biggest secret about the Yearling Sale each season is when it begins. Digiturf.com's 37th Season Yearling Sale began on July 10, 2013 and is on until July 31, 2013.

If you buy your yearlings today you may just find yourself in the winner's circle tomorrow!

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