Top sales horses at Digiturf.com

Top 10 Most Expensive Horses at Digiturf.com

Some men, even kings, would give their kingdom for a horse but, sadly, owning a horse is a dream that many will never realise. Horse racing is not called the sport of kings without reason because in addition to the noble association one still needs a small fortune that amounts to the size of king's ransom before one can even consider owning and racing a horse.

Fortunately, in the modern world, there have been some incredible breakthroughs in technology that have enabled the average man with big dreams to own, train and race his own horses against other horses from the comfort of his armchair. It's called virtual horse racing - and if you're reading this article on the Internet then you too can be part of the virtual horse racing revolution that is sweeping across the world.

The virtual horse racing community at Digiturf.com is particularly noteworthy because in addition to pioneering the online horse racing phenomenon twelve years ago they don't get out of bed unless they're racing for real cash stakes -- and they've generated over $23,271,158.00 stakes amongst themselves. But it's not even about the money because Digiturf.com is a strategic game that requires an understanding of horses, racing conditions and a highly developed competitive streak. You can sign up for some free horse games to evaluate it, but the real fun is in the added stakes races. Digiturf.com is more than a virtual pet game; it's a virtual horse game, although some might argue that when the stakes are so high it is almost a war game.

Digiturf.com is the ultimate role playing game because players get to play the role of being a legitimate horse owner and trainer. They can buy, train and race their horses; in addition to giving their horses a name and managing their supplies before planning for their next race after analyzing their race results. When it comes to racing games Digiturf.com offers so much more compared to other horse games online.

When competing against a competitive horse racing community one obviously needs a competitive horse. Digiturf.com has 100,000 unique horses for sale at $15 each. Some are better than others; some get shot with a virtual bullet while some get sold to the highest bidder through online auctions because according to horse racing news there is always a demand for horses for sale. The irony is that some of these miniature horses are only 180 pixels tall but they can fetch prices that run into the thousands of dollars. There are cheap horses for sale but most people are only interested to know how much they could sell their horses for, so here's a breakdown of the top 10 most expensive horses in the world of online horse racing at Digiturf.com.

Dan's Defiant shattered all online horse sale prices in May, 2008, when he was sold for $5,450. It would be another two years before another horse was sold for anything matching that amount but in February, 2010, Karl Khoder bought Secret Legend from Trezza Stables for a staggering $6,001. Another six horses were sold for between $4,000 to $6,000 in 2011 and 2012 but it was more recently when the virtual horse racing community came to a grinding halt to witness the sale of Madremonte for an unprecedented $9,000. A month later, Frankel Uk was sold for $7,000.

Some of those prices might seem intimidating to the uninitiated but to seasoned players it's a sign of renewed interest and growth in the game where trainers are prepared to spend any amount of money to be the best, on top and ahead of the pack. Fortunately, the virtual horse racing community at Digiturf.com is geared for the everyday player who's looking for some light entertainment without looking to incur a heavy debt. You will find there is a niche for everybody at Digiturf.com but one day you might find that your niche is at the top.

Digiturf.com is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.