The Breeders' Cup answer man

You've got questions about the Breeders' Cup, and we have answers:

Question: Will the Breeders' Cup ever be held in New York again?

Answer: Not anytime soon. As long as the Breeders' Cup is held the first weekend in November it's impossible to get hotel rooms for the many Breeders' Cup visitors because so many are taken up by the New York City Marathon. But even if the date were changed there has been so much turmoil with the New York Racing Association for so long that it would be impossible for either NYRA or the Breeders' Cup to commit to holding the event there until things settle down. And who knows when that might be?

Q: Is Princess of Sylmar better than Royal Delta? After all, she thumped her pretty good in the Beldame?

A: Not necessarily. Royal Delta isn't Royal Delta each and every time out and her Beldame may have been one of those occasions when she delivered a B+ performance. Look for her to bounce back and win the Distaff.

Q: Now that they've gotten rid of the Juvenile Sprint shouldn't the Marathon be next?

A: Yes, yes. A thousand times yes.

Q: What horse has the best chance that no one is giving a chance to?

A: Scandalous Act in the Juvenile Fillies. She could be Awesome Feather all over again.

Q: What's the over-under on how many races Mike Smith will win?

A: 3 ½. He rides in every race but one and has some insanely good mounts like Game On Dude, Royal Delta, Tap It Rich and Mizdirection. Hard to imagine him not having a big couple of days.

Q: There are only two European shippers in the Turf and only two in the Mile. What's going on?

A: When it comes to big money races in the fall the Breeders' Cup isn't the only game in town anymore and European trainers have several other options. The British Champions Day began in 2011 and is now held every year at Ascot. The purses are Breeders' Cup-esque and the European trainers don't have to make a long ship to get there. There are also all the big money events in the Asian countries late in the year. It's only going to get worse in 2014 because Ireland is starting its own year-end champions day.

Q: Do you like the list of Breeders' Cup ambassadors they have put together to help promote the races?

A: Kate Upton is a Breeders' Cup ambassador. Silly question.

Q: Place that absolutely should have a Breeders' Cup but has not?

A: Del Mar.

Q: Best Breeders' Cup race you've ever seen?

A: Personal Ensign versus Winning Colors in the 1988 Distaff.

Q: The 2-year-olds all have to run without Lasix again? Should I take that into account when handicapping those races?

A: No. If anything the Breeders' Cup proved last year how horses can get along just fine without Lasix. Not only were there no serious bleeding incidents, the races were perfectly formful with Beholder and Shanghai Bobby winning the Juvenile Fillies and Juvenile.

Q: Do you like the way they've lined up the races this year?

A: They keep tinkering around with which races are run on which day. With an eye on giving Saturday as much juice as possible they've gone too far in watering down Friday. With the Juvenile Fillies and Filly & Mare Turf moved to Saturday, the only "original eight" race on the Friday card is the Distaff. Friday needs at least one more big event.

Q: Six horses in the Distaff? Is this a dud of a betting race or what?

A: Stop complaining. Who cares if it's not the greatest betting race? It's a great race. Close Hatches is coming off two straight Grade 1 wins and is 6-1 in the morning line. That tells you something.

Q: Person you'd like to see added to Breeders' Cup ambassador roster?

A: Does Kate Upton have a sister?

Q: Big name horse you don't like?

A: Havana (Juvenile).

Q: Why are they running an Arabian race on the Breeders' Cup Friday card?

A: Because you don't say no to people with that much money.

Q: Worst name of any Breeders' Cup starter?

A: Dank (Filly & Mare Turf). According to urbandictionary.com Dank is an "expression frequently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality … as in that burrito was dank, man." … But Dank wins only because Toowindytohaulrox was delegated to Saturday's undercard.