Breeders game winners announced

Congratulations to the Breeders Game Competition winners!

1st Prize ($300.00)
Number Fortythree

2nd Prize ($250.00)
Yorkshire Estates

3rd Prize ($200.00 + $50.00 Added Bonus)

4th Prize ($150.00 + $50.00 Added Bonus)
Big V Downs

5th Prize ($100.00)

Thanks to all who participated.

See you at the races!

Digiturf.com is a virtually real online horse racing game where you can apply your skill and strategy to own, train, and race virtual horses in live 3D action against a global racing community for real prize money. The game replicates real-to-life horse racing, and even runs a Virtual Breeders Championship to allow you the opportunity to have your own virtual horse compete for the winning title.