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AFTER over 22 Years of NASCAR Cup Series coverage
established AUGUST 26, 1996

The Jayski.com site will soon cease to exist

the Jayski site was owned and served by Jayski (Jay Adamczyk) until February 28, 2007 and then ESPN since:

Jayski's NASCAR Cup Series site was managed by Jayski (Jay Adamczyk), and has been updated EVERY day at least once a day, since January 5, 1998 until February 28, 2019.
Scott Page worked with Jay since 2005 and oversaw the day to day coverage of the Cup and XFINITY sections of the site.
Amanda Brooks handled Jayski.com's NASCAR Truck Series site and many other pages.
ESPN who owns the site since March 2007, no word on their plans after January 28, 2019 when Jay, Scott and Amanda were released and updates to Jayski stopped.

Contact the folks formerly behind the creation and update of Jayski

Jay / Jayski: jayski36@gmail.com

Scott: scottlpage@gmail.com

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